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Kassy brought up a thought about custom dice, and it has been awhile since I offered one...It is due.

I have to go "shopping" and will redesign some new dice with the new Citadel graphic and maybe something else depending on my mood.

Winner will get some kind of $20 dollar dice grab bag or something + Citadel custom d6 (probably a few)
Second place will get some $15 dollar dice grab bag or something + Citadel custom d6 (probably a few)

I would love to send all the submission folks some dice but thinking about it, I would go broke with shipping.

But we can get creative with this. I am not married to it, however I do plan on making Citadel custom dice with the new logo and will be happy to sponsor some dice purchases for the winners.

Give me your ideas of sets! I am looking at chessex for the custom dice work as they did the last two and they turned out awesome. Any other specific ideas for prizes in the <$25 range? Custom dice WILL happen, but the 1st and 2nd place prizes can be something else you can think of...else they will be sweet dice sets from wherever I order the custom die from.

I can't think of a prize more awesome or appropriate than a set of Citadellian d6.

Sounds cool! tell me more

Ria Hawk:

Strolen, I love you!

EDIT: I just remembered as well, I do believe either Echo or Suzod came up with this idea while in chat with me at some point last year. Did we at all mention it someplace else in the forum? I'm sure there was a quest ideas thread somewhere.

EDIT v2: Can the submission also be a God/Goddess/Deity? I was browsing through the systems section and the idea sprang to mind.


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