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Unfortunately the shop where I bought all my needed roleplaying stuff from went into administration and ended up closing, for good.

I never did find a set of individual dice that I really felt an attachment to. I do have one set (2 D6'), but they are of such sentimental value, I no longer use them. Resorting to using plain white dice, of all types.

I remember asking Strolen about some "Strolenati" dice that exist only in limited quantity. I would very much like to have a pair, as this place does mean a lot to me.

However, I am also on the lookout for some other dice. I know there exists a cool dice thread already, but no (as far as I can remember) websites/places to purchase from. Could any of you fine folk direct me perchance?

Chessex has a good selection of dice. I ordered directly through them once when my local game store couldn't locate a particular die that I wanted. A lot of online retailers resell Chessex dice, including Amazon.

For something a little more exotic, a quick search on kickstarter turned up Foam Brain Dice: Metals. I'm sure there are, or will be, more.

I've also seen custom dice offered on various RPG-related kickstarters. For instance, the Free RPG Day 2013 NeoExodus Adventure for Pathfinder RPG kickstarter is currently offering a 7-die set with certain reward levels.

FRP Games also has a number of interesting dice. I'm sure there are a lot of other online gaming retailers that sell dice.

Of course somebody has to plug GameScience here.  They have a bunch of dice sets in really fun colors, and they don't tumble their dice to round the edges.  Theoretically, this makes them more random.


The only downside to the sets I have, is that the pre-painted black set ones tend to lose their numbers over time.  Don't know if this will be an issue for any of the other sets I've bought.

Ebay has a great selection of dice, i know that most game stores here in the Chicagoland area have their own websites and are MORE than glad to send them out to people.

We must call upon Kevin Cook. Surely he would know the best places for dice acquisition.


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