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Best (Worst?) of the B's

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More thoughts:
1. I also must know why a spring hangs from his chaise lounge.
2. Someone tell that snake-lover that his snake isn't "very poisonous"
3. Where is Suko??!! Who saw Suko last?

Watching three minutes of war of the robots , I can only assume that this movie had strong influence on Spielberg's work,

A) Warnings about the moral and ethical complications of "creating life" and messing with the work of the gods

B) The sexual flirtatious overtones that form a back drop to dense intellectual material: example Jeff Goldblum explaining chaos theory to Laura Dern. 

C) Instead of seeing the spaceship, you see the characters reaction to the spaceship: Close Encounters

D) A bunch of blonde bad guys.

Hands of Steel.

Ah, 80's dystopian futures, how naive you were:

He's human, just enhanced as a cyborg. Or is he? Watch the whole movie to see the surprise ending.


Because the Japanese are awesome when it comes to terrible movies. I laughed through pretty much the whole thing. When I wasn't cringing, that is...


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