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Behold, a pronouncement from the seat of authority! Henceforth the Divine Synod shall lay hands on those who prove themselves worthy and be consecrated into the sacred order!

The Divine Synod is the guild for all things religious: gods and devils, myths and doctrines, sacred orders and secret cults. The sacerdotal members of its order seek to further understanding of the divine by creating  new religious plots, settings, and submissions.

The patriarchs have issued a holy quest for those who seek the laying of hands. Go forth for righteousness and lay claim to the power of the gods!

Recruit quest: Faiths of the Founders

You must craft a new creed for the faithful to follow.

* Write 1 sub in the "Societies - Religious" or "Systems - Divine/Spirit" category outlining the belief system, pantheon, or hierarchy.
* Write 1 sub in the "NPC - Religious" category associated with the new religion.
* Write 1 sub in the "Items" category that features some artifact relating to the faith.These subs must have a 3.25 or higher average rating and include "Divine Synod" in the freetext.

As a show of ecumenism, you must vote on three subs in any of the following categories

* NPC - Religious
* NPC - Mystical
* Societies - Religious
* Societies - Mystical
* Systems - Divine/Spirit
* Systems - MysticalYou must also upvote a comment in 5 subs of these categories.

Upon successful completion of these tasks, you will be awarded the following:

* Title of "Acolyte"
* An addendum to your handle reflecting your newfound faith (e.g., "Follower of Othamm", "Faithful of Dalraaen", etc.)
* A 3 or higher in Intelligence or Charisma
* The Synodic emblem onto your signature

To kick things off, I'll pledge myself as first member. Subs to follow in the coming days/weeks/months!

I will pledge myself to this guild, and will slowly work on it over the coming month(s)! 'ware the infernal cultists!

Finally, a guild that caters to a megalomaniac determination to rule the world through faith and fear.  Count me in.

This guild should marry in well with my current necromantic cult status.


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