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I want to write some articles about a world I have built with an over-riding article as an introduction and then a list of more detailed articles underneath. What would be the best structure to use to accomplish this. Not a codex, it would seem, as I don't want complete articles to be listed below the main one.

Also, I'm not sure I would want the main article to be voted on as it would not be particularly substantial compared to its more detailed offspring.

Any help appreciated, :D


If you can ignore the destruction of the current rendering, you are describing what we do in Regions.

Not sure when it exploded, but will fix it probably tomorrow night.

Notwithstanding the horrible look, the suggestion I have is to just write all your posts as normal submissions, just make sure you use a specific freetext when submitting. When you get enough of your world put together, I run a quick script that adds them to a region. Then, as the one linked, all your stuff with that freetext will be in a index type contents on the left right side. When you visit any of those posts, the index remains until you "Leave this Region" then it displays without the index.

If we get some action and suggestions in there again, I will continue to work on it. My slim hope was to make it useable to plan and track adventures somehow. Once you have the submissions, it is all on how it is used and displayed....ideas are almost limitless!

Wow, I genuinely didn't know we had that. Really awesome, I plan to use it in the future. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :up:

I'm so glad I asked this because the Regions facility is beyond my expectations!

I'll follow your instructions but I'll have to ask someone to set the freetext for me as I'm only level 2 at the moment.

Please fix the layout as soon as you can… and perhaps publicise it a bit more?!



Not perfect, but absolutely usable now.

Freetext ability sounds like an incentive to level up to me. :)


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