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Gaming on Google Hangouts


Anyone tried it yet? I've seen a few references online to people playing full campaigns with geographically scattered groups. I'm not yet on G+ so I have no idea what the quality of the experience would be like.

I've also seen references to Roll20, which is supposed to work over hangouts, and I know there are other virtual tabletops out there. Anyone used any of those systems?

Posting a response to my own query, in case it helps anyone else.

I've been running a Breachworld game via Roll20 off and on for several months and I love it. While I do miss the tactile feel of rolling dice and I'm still kind of adjusting to interacting with people online via voice chat, being able to connect with gamers outside of my limited area is a huge plus.

I'm still finding my way around the system. There's so much you can do, especially if the GM puts in some time to building out maps, macros, etc. The payoff for that effort is pretty high.

Last night I played in the first session of a 50 Fathoms (Savage Worlds) campaign, and it was a blast. I was impressed with how well G+ Hangouts and Roll20 handled 6 people all connected at once, even spread across Australia, New Zealand, and the States. It was also my first time seeing custom character sheets that already include a ton of macros that take care of all the different types of dice rolls (things like exploding dice and roll 2 different dice but take the highest value) as well as guided ones for things like damage (you get an extra 1d6 if you roll high on your to-hit). It also handled initiative through drawing playing cards pretty well.

I do all this on a tiny (11" screen) Chromebook. Aside from having to move things around a lot because of the small screen, that underpowered piece of tech handles it all pretty smoothly (though I did buy a headset to make up for my soft voice).

If you can't find a good, local gaming group, I highly recommend Roll20. The free version is pretty usable; they save a few useful (but non-essential) extras for the paid version.


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