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[Decathros] Chapter 1: Sinking in Soglash

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"If I recall correctly, this was but half their number, the other half certainly now aware of our murderous meddling."
The elf rubbed his chin - meeting the bossy rats head on would be folly.

"Helgkhor" he whispered, "can you lift me up to that crack over there in the floorboards? I may be able to see up to work fate a little in our favor."

If I see a sole rat, I would charm him - if two or more, it's Ithilianor! time.

"Ey, your crow mentioned 4 up top as well. "

Metandris carefully scanned the top of the ship, and listened...

Helgkhor wipes the rat-men's blood and reeking entrails from his blade, then sheaths it. He hesitates only a few seconds--touching wizards is taboo after-all--but then quickly hoists Aredhel, trusting the elf to quickly root out more enemies or any nasty surprises.

Bending down to pick up his pipe from where it had fallen during the fray, Korchel relit it with a brief burst of magical energy.  His voice was low and raspy.  "These are beasts of stealth.  If any remain with the power to do us harm, they either seek to ambush us within, or hope to seize a better position through cunning."

The dwarven augur stepped back from the others, raising his arms to draw upon the place's energies.  Finding his center, then spreading to embrace the area around him, Korchel's concentration broadened.  His every sense, both magical and mundane, reached out to detect their foes.  Drawing upon the dragon magic within him, the dwarf's nostrils flared.  His eyes glittered in the dim light, seming almost reptilian for a moment.

At this point, he's just using his Perception skill...
(10:04:30) ChatBot: Wulfhere rolls 1d20 and gets 15.
+2 for his Perception skill makes 17.

After a moments hesitation, Helgkhor lifted the wizard up to the crack in the wood, his muscles bulging as he supported the elf. "Aha!" Exclaimed Aredhel softly as he peered through into the interior of the vessel - a single leather-clad werebeast was indeed just walking down the stairs cautiously with a short sword in hand, peering around in confusion at the lack of it's bretheren. The wizard gave a quick snicker, followed by an arcane phrase and a quick motion of his hand.

The were creature halted in it's tracks for a moment, cocking it's head to one side quizzically. It scratched it's head in confusion and looked around the ship once more - it had not noticed the companions, as they were still outside at the entrance of the ship, along with the bodies of the three previous attackers.
Charm spell complete success; the wererat will act favourably to Aredhel.

Metandris looked above, his eyes squinting against the rain as he studied the side of the ship and tried to make out the top of it. The sickly druid thought he could hear voices through the patter of the rain, no more sounds could be made out.

Korchel also took the time to study the area; he took a step back and raised his arms dramatically. The Dragon Auspex let his senses reach out, snaking and twirling and probing around not unlike the wispy smoke which rose from his pipe. The dwarf studied the ancient walls of the ship - and he noticed one thing at the same time as Metandris did; there were rents made by claws all along the curved surface all the way up and down the ship - while it seemed quite hazardous for any of the companions to climb, it seemed the wererats with their sharpened claws often made use of the wood to travel up to the top of the ship - and probably to come down.
There was no movement from above at the moment, however.

Atacuso stood in the rain, straining his neck in an attempt to study the bite-mark on his shoulder - the d**ned thing hurt and itched. He had heard of folk getting the Swynnish mud in their wounds and getting near-fatal infections. The half-elf sighed; hopefully the same wouldn't happen to him!

Okey doke. So the group is still at the entrance of the first floor. A single were-rat has come down the stairs to investigate, however Aredhel has succesfully charmed it. On studying the exterior of the ship, Metandris and Korchel both noticed that the sides of the ship are used by the were-rats to climb up and down. Metandris has heard faint voices up on the top of the ship, but nothing can be seen along the rim of it. Atacuso hasn't made any action as yet.


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