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[Decathros] The Originators' Slumber

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Ill post more later, but he will hang back and hold his curative spell in reserve.  Essentailly nothing unless something tries to attack him.

It was good to wake up today and see that nearly everyone had posted already :D Anyone know of Dozus's whereabouts? :p

I'm thinking i'm going to make a couple of changes when we get to the second chapter (hopefully not too far away). Some changes to the system and rules for simplicity, and some changes to the way I run the game - I know i've pretty much railroaded you all in one direction and i'm thinking of making the game more open-ended for you all, plus perhaps give time to work on character development.

I'll run it all by you gents when the chapter's ended anyway; i'll get your opinions and advice before I do anything drastic :D

Dozus is back!

Family stuff, had planned to be back at the beginning of the weak, but complications made it so that I haven't arrived until now. But here I am.

Let's fire this bad boy back up!  I'd like to see what happens next.

Shadoweagle, when one of us doesn't post, just put them on autopilot for a round.


and Conquer!


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