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[Decathros] The Originators' Slumber

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I was hoping you would! :D Honestly, I meant to ask you to start with, but positions filled up! :(

Okey doke. I figured i'd just start up the game. Wulf and Muro; just let me know if what i've posted significantly varies from your vision of your characters, and i'll adjust it accordingly!

Muro did a couple rolls for his post, so i'll put 'em here. Though in future, i'll probably cut back on the amount of rolls needed :P
I will wait for everyone to have a chance to post before I post replies and continue on.

Helgkhor makes a listen check to overhear the men (DC 10)
Results: 8(+0 wis mod) = 8; Failure!

Helgkhor makes a strength roll (DC 12) to tear his ropes:
Results: 10(+4 str mod) = 14; Success!


--- Quote ---three men in black garments arriving on a small boat on the shores of Soglash with a woman in ropes.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"Why dey steal pretty lady?"
--- End quote ---

You know, the first time i read that in pm's, i misunderstood slightly. I thought the "bad guys" were three black-clad figures AND their leader, a mysterious "lady o' the ropes"

Helgkhor might roll with that assumption :D

Silly muro! Although a lady o the ropes does sound pretty cool.

I am back to work today after 2 weeks off, so I won't be able to post till I get home :( post incoming in 9ish hours! :p


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