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[Decathros] The Originators' Slumber

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I vote for the 200gp pot-O'-gold plus val's 50 shortly :D

Korchel had only about 3 gp 6 sp left when he started...

The pooling option makes sense.

Atacuso had a fair bit after character creation, I think 30+ gp.

Also, I realize now I forgot to buy a clothing set for Atacuso on the start. I can retcon him being naked for the whole adventure those far, or go back and give him an adventurer's outfit.

Give the poor kid some clothes, lad! Can't have Atacuso tripping up on all his bits whenever he runs!

I am going to light a fire under our asses. We shall soon be facing our own deaths. Some of us may not make it. I say we face death like men. Like companions in arms! Let us fight as if we will live forever!


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