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Hello, all. I am starting up a game shortly (Hopefully within the next week) based in the Strolen Citadel created land of Decathros (,6159.0.html). I thought it was time to put the OOC thread up.

This thread will be used for three purposes.
1) All OOC nitter-natter.
2) Dice-roll information and game-relevant information I choose to share with the players, as well as character information.
3) Expressions of Interest for later participation from others in Strolen's Citadel.

I have already organised the starter players for this game:
and pending some confirmation, Wulfere!

Currently, this is the maximum amount of people I am comfortable with starting with, however slots may open up in the future of the game (if it survives past page 1 :D ) for additional players. This is where the Expressions of Interest come in:
If anyone is interested in participating in this game down the track, feel free to put your name down in this thread for consideration, and if I decide the game could use another player or two, I may choose from those interested. This may not be for some time, however.

I'm using Pathfinder as a launching pad for this game, and classes and races will be made from the 'core' classes and races of that game. (
However, the game won't be strictly following the rules of pathfinder. I will be focusing much more on the 'storytelling' aspect of the game, rather than rules and regulations. I will, however, perform rolls from time to time to give that 'gambling' aspect.
I'm going to try and divide the game up into reasonable sized chapters, perhaps with a small break between each chapter so players aren't inundated with a never-ending game.

Finally, although I will be basing this game within the lands of Decathros, I will be making many 'creative liberties' with the lands to make them more suitable for this particular game, so if something doesn't make sense with the area as you know it, this is probably why. :)

The Originator's Slumber
Chapter 1: Sinking in Soglash
Our game will start off in the land of Voskinsar, towards the north of Decathros, and just south of the Spiked Sea.

Welcome to Soglash

A town built over the rubble and rot of failed buildings before it. Soglash was originally built as shacks scattered along the ground, but as unnaturally high tides, wet weather and hurricanes took their toll on the buildings and drowned it again and again, the folk of Soglash learned their lesson. They began building their town as a massive, extended wooden dock suspended on hard-wood stilts over both the water and land. A rotting town of misery and shady dealings, is Soglash. A sanctuary for thieves, pirates and those who wish to be forgotten, or to forget. It is reputed that anything can be bought or sold in Soglash, for the right price.

Soglash does not have any official ruling caste; the only people who have the most influence are those who have money and the influence or fear factor to hold onto it. Pirate lords; Mob bosses; even Assassins who nobody would dare steal from are the most influential people in town. To get power in Soglash you must either have the money to pay someone to do dirty work for you, or be the one willing to do the dirty work yourself.

Murometz has offered to be my launching board for the games starter campaign, and as such, he gets this flavour pre-game text!

--- Quote ---Helgkhor:
Talu, an old friend, had called for your presence to Hulan; the only real city on Saulkement in The Spiked Sea, and a place you had never before been. In his letter he was vague, but he spoke for a dire need of a brave soul, and also made hints at large sums of gold as a reward for answering the call.

An icy chill greeted you as you found yourself in Hulan - odd, since it was normally a pleasant temperature year-round due to the favour of the weeping god, Saulke. Talu met with you at the docks and you exchanged pleasantries and small-talk while he led you to the house of noble design and ushered you inside. Once in, the vibe changed from pleasant to grim, however. He introduced you to an enigmatic, young noble woman; Rachel the 5th, she was called, and she got straight down to business.

"Disaster has fallen upon our land, Helgkhor. In the midst of night, nine days ago, our beloved Favorim was kidnapped! We know not how it happened; even Saulke himself keeps a close watch on her, and to blind him is no easy task! You noticed, I assume, the chill wind on the air? I work to console our weary God, but I am not the Favorim and I cannot keep his interests forever. If the Favorim is not found and returned within perhaps Six weeks, I fear the land will have turned to ice, and the people of Saulkement will be chilled to death. I cannot trust this matter into the hands of our own, as if word gets out, the panic may cause chaos in our society! Talu is a dear friend of mine, and he has told me that you are of a reliable sort - even if you are not from here. I trust his judgement." Rachel sighed, "I am not without contacts in neighbouring lands, and my sources told me of three men in black garments arriving on a small boat on the shores of Soglash with a woman in ropes. I beseech you; go to Voskinsar. Find these people. Find our Favorim and bring her back!"
Rachel passed a small sack of coin to you, "This is to get you started. Oh, and I suggest you find two or three other good folk to help you in your journey - I will pay anyone who helps you; there must be more to this than a simple kidnapping!"
Rachel the 5th ushered you out the door with nary even time to say goodbye to Talu, and you found yourself back on a boat, heading to the town of Soglash in Voskinsar; a town of ill-repute and shady dealings. Two things were on your mind. First, how can help be found in a town such as this, and second; just what did these people want with the Favorim?"

The purse holds 10 thick, square coins of gold stamped with a teardrop design - the weight of them together is worth one hundred gold pieces.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote --- Two things were on your mind. First, how can help be found in a town such as this, and second; just what did these people want with the Favorim?"
--- End quote ---

Hmmm, do i actually wonder these things? My intelligence is 5 thanks to your evil rolling. I'm not sure there is *anything* on my mind, other than my next meal and nap  :P

I may move that 5 to charisma...which will come in handy when recruiting the others    :?

lol, i slay myself (don't worry, i won't be silly when we play!)

In his head it probably sounds like I posted it, but out loud it may be more like "Gutta find sum frends to halp me!" and "Why dey steal pretty lady?"


I felt like I had to post that preamble in the OOC otherwise the others may not get what Helgkhor is asking of them! :P

Well, I'll drop in an expression of Interest at this point :)


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