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Naturalist Archetype society VS Technical Archetype society

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So I got a buddy who wants to put together a campaign, at this moment its more DnD 3.5 Focused, and he wants to make the world split between a Naturalist Archetype Society and a Technical Archetype Society.

The basics are as follows: The world is only a few 1000years old and Humanoids have developed in the 2 said Archetypes (society aspects/types, like Agricultural, Combative, Mercantile, Etc., are more characteristics of the individual cities in these Archetypes.
EX: an Agricultural based society in the Technical Archetypes would have steam-punk-esk Farming equipment/tools, where one in the Naturalist Archetypes would just use homemade tools and the labor of its people and animals)

Getting the different Cities and villages put together for these 2 Archetypes isn’t too difficult, the major population points are going to have OBVIOUSE Architecture exemplifying each archetypes culture, beliefs, History, Etc.
The Issue he feels he needs help with is putting Availability on classes to the archetypes.
(DnD, Warcraft, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Etc.)
(Mainly because that’s all I can think of here at work) But I want to know what you think we should use or not use, whether it be class, system, RPG, or whatever!

SO, for the classes that we’ve done, here is what we got
Technological               Either                     Naturalist

Knight                        Fighter/Warrior          Barbarian
*Paladin*                      Cleric                      Druid
 Alchemist                       Bard                      Shaman
*Wizard*                     Sorcerer                   *WuJen*
*Ninja*                        Rouge/Thief                 ---------
*Swashbuckler*        *Favored Soul*         *Samurai*
*Artificer*                      *Tinker*                   ----------
Rifleman                        ---------                      Ranger
-----------                       *Archivist*                 Mystic
-----------                      ------------                  shugenja


Classes Marked with the (*) are ones we’re unsure, whether it be because of the section we put it in, or because of it actually being around.
(EX: Their might not be Paladins per-say, it would be something that would be kind of like a sub-class, so a technologic fighter, would be a paladin, but an Naturalist couldn’t. OR maybe their aren’t Paladins, maybe there is something else.)
Monks are a hard choice. We’re not sure where to put them at all. In THEORY they could go both ways.
Wizards we’re unsure of because I think it would depend on the type of mage? Not sure yet.
This is what we have so far. Looking for suggestions, opinions, Ideas, any helpful feedback about anything involved herewould be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!!

Neato. So you're kind of looking for plausible classes and such for Technological and Naturalist type lifestyles, yes?

Well, as for Spellcasters and such, you  could create classes for each type, based on where they derive their magic.
So for example, you may have a Wizard class which could use a more 'scientific' process for their spellcraft; using patterns and correctly pronunciated words and such for their magic; a heavily 'learned' based magic, thus putting them in the Technological column. Obviously they would require intelligence for this.
And their Naturalist counterpart could be a Witch, who derives their magic more from the elements or spirits of the world. They allow themselves to be a conduit through which elemental spirits are able to touch the world, thus keeping in touch with their natural roots. Witches don't need to be evil, either; they could be well respected as wise men and women from their respective areas. Rather than use intellect for their magic, they would be far more invested into wisdom, as it takes a deep understanding of the world around them to be able to commune with these spirits.

Other examples of counterparts which you already sort of have, can be Knights and Barbarians:
Knights rely on technology; they use advanced smithing techniques to create quality iron and steel to create defensive and offensive tools, and they rely heavily on these superior armaments to get the edge in battle.
Barbarians on the other hand worry less about creating a barrier of metal between them and their opponents. They wear only hardened hides, and would depend much more on building up their own thick, calloused skin and rely more on their bodies than their equipments. While they may have iron weapons, they would be just as happy with a stone axe, because they know their strength can make up for the difference in gear.

Again, you could have a Druid counterpart for the Technological side: An Animal Tamer.
A Druid would be one with the life around them; able to commune to wild animals and get them to aid him in his duties. He would know all about natural remedies, poultices and herbs and is deep in touch with the 'spirit' of the animals.
A Tamer would rely on modern domestication and training techniques to tame formerly wild animals and get them to do their bidding. While they would also know about herbs and such, they would work from a 'chemistry' point of view, creating medicines and salves which could be used to heal wounds and strengthen himself and allies; as well as poison.
Paladins vs. Occultists
Medics vs. Clerics

A bard could be neutral territory and accepted by both sides, as music can be both science and art, and is appreciated across all sides.
Rogues/thieves can be neutral territory because opportunity exists everwhere when you are not bound by the laws of the people.

Anyway. That's all i've got at the moment.
I would be rooting for the Naturalists :p

Nice idea for the setting. I like all of Shadoweagle's ideas, naturally.  :D But just looking at your list of unsurities, here are my thoughts:

Paladin - A technological steampunk mecha-warrior. His steed is an automaton and his armor is fitted with gears and a small engine. A machine in his armor produces his auras, and his holy symbol is a clockwork device that repels undead.

Wizard - Like SE, I can see this going either way. But given 3.5's approach to wizards as magicians who use written knowledge rather than inherent abilities, I would go technological. The magic itself could be scientific - I see a staff with vacuum tubes and vials, not unlike an alchemist but with more an emphasis on the usage of energy for spells.

WuJen - Again, based on 3.5 setting, a technological magic user, but with more eastern flavor. Alternatively, this could be a wild hedge-wizard who relies solely on the elements. So maybe both.

Ninja - A technological sneak who uses chemistry and mechanics to make himself disappear.

Swashbuckler - Going naturalist, a boastful warrior like Beowulf but who relies on finesse. Arm with some more primitive weapon than a rapier (a handaxe or even a short spear would play the part) and they can sail a longship as an wandering warrior.

Favored Soul - Innate and untrained says naturalist to me.

Samurai - I'm seeing a variation of the samurai that uses wooden armor plates and armed with macuahuitls. They keep the dedication to honor you'd expect, but don't rely on steel.

Artificer - Depending on how developed your industrial society is, this would be the automaton-repairing folk. But if they're not that far, I might suggest naturalist: they scavenge material they find to create wondrous items, relying more on ingenuity than technology.

Archivist - A naturalist shaman who knots her spells on khipu wrapped in coils around her body rather than in the wizard's scrolls and books. Her knowledge comes from experience, stories of ancestors, generations-old khipu entrusted to her, and strange dreams from the gods she must interpret.

Monk - Instinct says naturalist, but it's also plausible to imagine a character that withdraws from the noisy industry of a technological society to contemplate and develop their mystical body.

NICE input, thank you for helping!

I LOVE your ideas and its helping out the sorting out of the classes.
"Paladin - A technological steampunk mecha-warrior. His steed is an automaton and his armor is fitted with gears and a small engine. A machine in his armor produces his auras, and his holy symbol is a clockwork device that repels undead."

See this is what i was imagining, though my buddy was looking to have the Paladin's almost like the Technological cities police force, i think he was going off of the LG alignment  there. Was almost looking at making them Templar's, though one could argue its the same thing, just with a fancier name.

i have more feed back but i got to get ready for work, i'll reply later.
again. THANK YOU so much!

That's what we're here for :)

Also, welcome to Strolen's Citadel!


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