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White Out [Cosmic Era RP]

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"Let's meet there.  It shall serve excellently to land your craft and protect it from view and attack. I would not mind to use it to return as well."
Blue was restless, delays upon delays. The exact opposite of Blue's preferred modus operandi.

The forest whispered with echoes just at the hearing threshold.

"We ought to move to their site," João broke his silence, looking up from his quiet meditation. "We will have need of the ship after our incursion, and I have no want to hike through these conditions longer than we need to."

Muldoon will see that boats are secured and try his best to conceal them for passing water and air traffic, but he does not have sophisticated camo material or hologram projectors, and he will not attempt to construct any, but hopefully there will be some more protected areas in which to secure to the craft.

On shore

"Well gentlemen, I hope the 600+ mile journey from Anchorage was comfortable.  May I suggest that I move ahead about 100 yards, as we walk towards the site, I will keep Brian's channel open, and alert you to any dangers in our path, there are giant war machines travelling through these woods, so be mindful of your flanks. Are you gentlemen ready to move out?"

"I'm not ready to move out," Brian said, with a slight sly smile creeping up at the corners of his mouth, "I'm ready to kick ass. Let's lock and load, you gun-types. Mutant with the tail, prepare a goat-charge. Mutant with the electronics, carry my bags. We are moving out, people! Muldoon, led us to victory! Oh, and I call middle. Maybe with the mutants on either side, Fade in back, since he's got the long-range stuff. And, oh, Jacobim behind Muldoon, to help with navigation?"

Brian did not like the idea of the out-doors. There was nothing to hack, which was Brian's whole selling point as a mercenary type. And he wasn't the best fighter in the world. And another aspect of the out-doors he did not like was the idea of mechas running around in it. Giant killer machines? That Brian couldn't hack and take control of? Not Brian's favorite thing in the world.

OCC: So... Is that map coming? And if not, can we get going? Brian wants to own noobs, make racist comments, and hack stuff!

"Brian, keep the channel open, or I will open your godd**n abdomen" Blue had enough of the kid's banter, "We're here to do a job, not chatter like ladies."
They'd have to find a serveicable entry point.
Cover that would protect them from incoming fire.

"You can shine once we find the server. Until then, honor our spent time and try to not get killed."

Blue extended the stock of the laser rifle, attached the scope, set the controls. An assassin's or terrorist's weapon, this.
The land was white and blue and grey. So was Tel'Issare, and soon barely to be seen, advancing towards a vantage point near the arco.


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