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Muldoon's stealth technique was rusty, but it seemed to not matter to the fleeing men. His taking aim was well worth the moment, as the cloud of pink mist indicated a solid torso hit. The man staggered on several more paces before slamming into a tree and going down. His companion started running in an evasive pattern.

Back at the explosion site, the survivors had finally started taking cover. They had not started shooting yet, but it was only a matter of time.

Anyone wish they had grabbed the magnetic rifles back at the crash sites?

Blue chuckled as the burst of nails and entrails showered the patrol.
Only if more of them had bombs on them!

A nagging voice inside Blue's head cut the reverie short, reminding the mutant to find any other vantage point before the comfy stretch of wood was showered by a hail of lead.
Then, the fun could begin anew.
Blue sneaked off, then raised the binoculars to look at their enemies, to see if anyone had conveniently located explosives. Let's say, a grenade...

Sneak to obscure Blue's position, look whether any foes have anything that goes boom, shoot it - or ideally, if it's grenades, pull the pin telekinetically.

Fade and Prewett moved forward, Prewett carried a serviceable if unremarkable rifle, but Fade was by far the more dangerous with his two pistols. The gun adept drew, his eyes tracing paths down the barrels, creating conduits between the guns and the hostiles in the clearing. The pistols spat fire, and next to him Prewett laid down a hail of lead.

Prewett rolls D20 - gets 13

Prewett's barrage drops several members, and others are forced to duck and cover.

Fade rolls 2 actions D20 - 20, D20- 14

The leader of the group is shouting orders at several men with guns when her head explodes like a melon, and the previously wounded shotgunner is dropped with a shot to the chest. The hostile patrol is down to three members.

Brian sighed as he waited in cover for his companions to finish off this patrol. Lacking a weapon (at least, a weapon with range), he had to cower and trust in a pair of mutants! Sure, there was a couple of humans and the seibertron to make sure they didn't mess it up, but the sting of it still, well, stung.

As he waited, he examined the electronic stuff he had "borrowed" from the house back there. If they were going to be of use in the arco, it would be best to find that out before they reached it. Or if they would be of no use, selling them was always going to be an option.

(OOC: do I need to roll for this? I figure its common knowledge, unless its particularly obscure stuff.)

Mouldon head away from the group parallel to the other fleeing man, he sucks in a large volume of air to try and catch the fleeing man's scent.

Muldon may be sure footed but he is not fast, Running check: d20_2

Perception check, get the man's scent: d20_17


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