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Not sure..


Been a while since I've been active here. Who's still around, any good RP's going on?

And does anyone fancy doing a collab?

Behold! Suzod is here!  :D

Muro's running a create-a-class AD&D-style game. Scras is starting a Shadowrun-style game in his Cosmic Era setting. And Shadoweagle has made a new world for us to populate.

Ah, the horde has been busy, excellent  :P

I might start a hunt of my own; search for scrolls that don't have many additions and try to add 5 to each, 1 per day.

Scras' RP idea sounds sweet, any slots open?

There is always room, but I think you would bring the count to 5 so I think I would set the cap there. If you are interested take a look at some of the Cosmic Era freetext stuff to get a feel for the setting and let me know. I've got a draenei clone, a cyborg, a gangland hacker, and a hunting robot

Thanks Scras. I'll take a read through the subs before I make a decision, so you can keep the slot open for now.


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