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Hello People.

My eye brow has grown to a frightening size. But that is beside the point.
This is to notify you all that I have arrived. I am a druid. Elf druid. And...And...errrr...

Right. :lol:

The eyebrow is only noticeable if you are within 30 meters, don't give it a second thought.

Welcome to the Citadel. Glad you made it!!!!!

=waves like an idiot=
Hiya Svyel! Ya made it! yay! =tosses him some really disgusting Strawberry/Chocolate cake=

=cries= SOME-ONE! ANY-ONE! PLEASE TELL ME THE ANSWER TO THIS STUPID RIDDLE!! They asked in 'Alice & Wonderland' But never answered it! They asked in 'The Last Unicorn' But never answered it! Some-one please tell me!
'Why is a Raven like a writing desk?'

Ria Hawk:
I'm not sure that riddle has an answer.  In fact, that may be the entire point.


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