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Chapter the Second, The Road to Canagadi

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"Only a fool would not be, given the circumstances. Corpses, darkness, unknown threats. Yes, fear is a logical response, more logical in fact then us being here. But here we are, and trying to help.  We can go back, if that is your preference."

Iskander was starting to get a little impatient with those who mistook caution for cowardliness, and his tone of voice showed it.

Zuan's eyes bulged, his body instinctively frozen. He was accustomed to sounds in the city - wails of street urchins, the drunken threats of night gangs shouted to one another - and he was hardly a stranger to the roads. But there was a tone in this cry that struck him.

He had hoped to stay away from the danger by staying with the camels, not invite it to his fire.

The priest reached into one of the camel bags and produced a small crossbow. He fitted the bolt case onto his belt and loaded one into the weapon. "O Director of all Goods, guard my property and flesh this night," he murmured. "Let not thief's blade nor beast's claw defile my goods, for the sake of Thine own glorious revenue." He peered out into the night by the waning light of the fire, praying to see nothing.


Two minds were in complete unison as the arrow whistled by the watching avian, missing by mere inches.

Oh...crap. The bird flew off, leaving a mentally-cursing Saano in its wake.

How long do you think we have?

Not a clue. If rumors are true, those things are rather intelligent. It could ignore us entirely, or bring the flock in for an ambush.

Rather embarrassing to get eaten by a bird after beating all the things you've encountered before.

Oh come now, you really think a flock of measly birds can take me down?

The hunter boldly continued forward toward the cave, another arrow ready to be loosed at a moments notice. Once was a fluke. He wouldn't miss again.

[Time Skip]

"They know we're here. They're hiding for an ambush. They wouldn't just run away from a few people after taking this many victims. Even scavengers will fight to keep a hard-earned prize." Saano gestured to the cave. "The important question to be answered is, 'Is the trap in there, or out here?'"

Nish sighed heavily at Iskanders' stern words and stopped nudging his way forward. "Very well then, lets take a quick look; but I do not want to stand on the doorstep all night waiting for them to come to us!" The spellwruter edged around Iskander and took a step towards the entrance, peering in and around the foul smelling cave. "Say Iskander; how about we light one of Saanos arrows and get him to loose it in there light? Is that pleasing to you?" he glanced back to the fixer with a raised brow.

"Nothing would please me more then bringing all the flames of hell to this cursed place, and if our friend here is carrying fire arrows, then I am all for it.  Does anyone have cloth and oil if he is not?"

<ooc, need gm post to see what the heck was seen during the 30 seconds since Iskander started looking.>


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