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Chapter the Second, The Road to Canagadi

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Sleep had just claimed the Guardian, and was loathe to release him from her thrall. But release him she did when Anquetiti's cry was heard, and Saano left his tent about the same time that Nisher called out to wake both Zuan and he. Nothing good could be happening with such volume, vehemence and suddenness this late in the evening, so he had taken the extra bit of time to grab the tools of his trade. "Evil always awaits in the night. Just think of how many jobs would be lost if it wasn't."

He paused, taking in the distressed newcomer. She was certainly pretty, with a bit of exotic appeal, but the image that came to mind was that of a bush viper rather than a delicate bird.

"Did I hear the name 'Moadi' a moment ago? As in, 'Moadi-Birds'?"


"Yes, sadly yes. Come, quickly, before they eat them all!"
She fell in along with Nisher, then turned back, wiping her tears and putting on the visage of a truculent teen: "I'm going, for sure!"
... aaaaand skipping out on the runt if the rest of you don't follow.

She brandished a knife for emphasis of her determination, all nine inches of the blade a mockery of the arsenal carried by the armed men.

Iskander cursed inwardly, even as he stood up.  "Come on Tagu, lets go."
He hoped some of the bodyguard would accompany them, thoug he had his suspicions.  He scooped up his pack and quickly followed.  "Might want to slow down a bit," he said as he ran, for the armour he wore was holding him back.  He had not been planning on a midnight sprinting.   "How many of the d**n things did you see- rather important detail.."

He was not sure why he was coming.  This newcomer meant even less to him then the company at the camp, but she was interesting at least.

And so far the rescue planned appeared to be storming the camp like some crazed dervishes.  I suppose there are worse plans, he thought.

Tagu followed obediently, but not before grabbing a branch from the fire to use as a torch.

As Anquetiti led Nisher, Iskander, Saano, and Tagu through the scrublands, the bright half-moon was the only other light afforded them. Luckily, this wilderness of cracked red earth and shrubbery, proved easily navigable.

It did not take them long…

Anquetiti spied the lone boulder she had earlier used for cover and slowed, the others on her heels, Nisher chanting maniacally, Saano silent and focused, Iskander likewise stoic.

Anna gestured ahead and the companions could now see the outlines of some chimney-like natural structure, a misshapen specter of darkness against the sky, a hundred or so yards away.

As the companions slowed they could only hear their own breath and the now-distant sounds of grunting camels and neighing horses from their camp. The scrublands were otherwise silent. Even the cackling jackals had quieted.

“Some cave?” Tagu postulated and then tensed, awaiting Iskander’s further instruction, as he lofted his make-shift torch and stared at the sinister rock-formation ahead.

“We will make for the crossroads, get everything ready.” Bulvan muttered to one of his bodyguard.
“You noticed the Midnigh--?”
“Yes, of course. And he noticed me. No, I sense nothing of true value is for sale here. And now, they chase monsters in the desert night! No, this is not for Bulvan. That—woman—was no woman.” He summarized with distaste in his mouth. “We depart!”

Moments later, the soul-merchant’s wagon shuddered and began its roll.

“Farewell, Zuan Coursi! Next time we meet mayhaps I will buy from you again!” Bulvan shouted as his caravan caterpillar-ed its way south in the near-darkness, pole-lanterns bobbing.

At the sight of the domineering natural structure ahead, Nish ceased his mutterings; sense was beginning to take control over his body. He glanced backwards towards the dim light of their camp; was that the sound of wagons wheeling away? No matter. Though he would never admit it aloud, he did wish Zuan would catch up and join them - much as Nish hated to admit it, the stuffy priest -did- have some useful tools at his disposal.

Nish surveyed his surroundings, cursing softly beneath his breath before turning to Saano, Tagu and Iskander, "Not much in the way of cover to sneak up. I don't know how smart those moadi-birds are but i'm sure it will only take one to summon the rest. I could make my way up first and take a look around if you like. I have a... er, knack for not being noticed. Thoughts?" Nish unclipped the latch of his sturdy tome and flicked his book to the page which held his scrawlings to become unseen. In the darkness, the page of the tome beheld a soft, eerie blue light which danced and twisted alongside Tagu's firelight. On the luminous page, runic inkings were slowly being edged onto the page as though by an unseen hand - the spell was only about halfway rejuvenated. With a faint 'tsk', the Spellwriter unclipped his quill from the small cylinder of ink on his belt and raised it to the pages, making deft strokes and lines as he re-inked the page manually. Between strokes, Nish glanced between Iskander and Saano, the question still on his face.

((OOC: Recharging the spell 'Sight Unseen'. Halfway recharged, so will takes up one round instead of two.))


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