Author Topic: Chapter the First: Six Degrees of Joachim Ebellos  (Read 31603 times)

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Re: TBA Game
« Reply #50 on: December 22, 2012, 04:23:35 PM »
For a moment Ebellos hooded his eyes like a snake studying Stryne, then he smiled again, as he rose, “Well, yes. Yes, of course. You see, I have interest in seeing the spellwriters found, though I shan’t say more on that. Let us say knowing your colleagues’ whereabouts or ultimate fate would—help me—in a certain way. It may potentially profit me, while greatly—inconveniencing a rival of mine. You see?”

“And so yes, good-man Stryne, if you would act upon your own curiosity and search, I would merely ask that you do so with my interest in mind as well. And so,” Ebellos came to the point, “A small donation of supplies and—some funds, shall be yours of course. You may think of me as your patron.” He grinned.

“A token gesture then…” he added, then took a silver tail from his kaftan pocket swirling it in his fingers for Stryne to see. He then handed the cylindrical coin to Stryne, and as he held his palm out, the silver Tail was no more, but now a platinum Bezoom.” Ebellos grinned again.


Pausing to listen, Ebellos  studied his friend as Zuan spoke. Then in reply, “Yes, yes. The truth of it, you deserve that. Like in any good trade, Zuan, I seek to maximize my odds at profit. Truth be told I was hoping..”, he paused to make sure the others were out of earshot, “that you could lend a hand to the Midnight Guardsman with my sister. While his Order’s reputation is impressive, still no one can out-bargain a follower of the Divine Broker. And after all Zuan, demons, they barter and haggle twist words and lie, and I am too old and sick to travel myself, you see? Your tongue is of silver gilded in gold, Zuan, and I thought you could help with the poor wretch’s Dispiritation.”

They had entered the menagerie now.

“I was not sure how to ask you, really. Offering you payment, seemed—banal—so I thought, why not offer you the Canagadi spice route in return.” He smiled then, as if the Canagadi route was suddenly his to assign. "The rest of--this--is odd coincidence, Zuan."

"Now, gentle-friends" he turned to address the others and raised his brandy goblet, "Shall then we seal this venture with a toast? I am sure you are all eager to prepare for the journey in however way each of you do."
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Re: TBA Game
« Reply #51 on: December 22, 2012, 07:24:38 PM »
Iskander smiled and held up the goblet and took perhaps the barest of sips, though only one looking for such subterfuge would notice.  Iskander happily imbibed in liquor, but only from those he trusted.  His current employer was not in that category.

He indeed would be preparing this evening - there were questions that needed answering. A favor or two to collect upon, and of course, a visit to Enethae. 
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Re: TBA Game
« Reply #52 on: December 22, 2012, 11:19:16 PM »
Nisher's faintly smiling expression did not falter as the Tail was switched with a Bezoom. A WHOLE Bezoom! - he would have expected a couple of tails, the equivalent of two hundred was a significant price to pay to a man who just earlier in the day was caught sneaking around the garden. Nisher snatched the bird-shaped trinket from Ebellos's hand and slid it securely beneath his belt.
And then the matter of that expression; Aah, a glimpse of the real Ebellos behind the accomodating exterior: a man who takes offense at a - lets face it - unkempt thief asking after some of his well-earned coin.

Nisher offered a nod to Ebellos and withdrew, being uncharacteristically quiet. He said not another word until the toast, after which he offered a subdued, "Cheers!" and drowned the entire goblet, giving a wheezing cough from the powerful liquid inside. "And with that, friends, I must go make arrangements and collect my things. Where shall I meet you all; at the gate at dawn? Sounds good to me!"
Nisher Stryne turned to walk out of the Manse of Joachim Ebellos, deep in thought. What was Ebellos's real motive here? Why did he need Nish so much that he would offer to go against his nature and donate money? And what of the others? No doubt all getting paid a significant fee for their efforts. Many questions, but none appropriate for asking.
Nisher had much to think about. In fact, he was so deep in thought, he 'forgot' to put his expensive looking brandy goblet down before he left.
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Re: TBA Game
« Reply #53 on: December 23, 2012, 12:38:58 AM »
Zuan nodded his assent to Ebellos. "Consider it a spoken contract, then," he agreed - a solemn vow for one of their order. "I shall negotiate in whatever way I can in regards to your sister, and you shall do the same in securing my contract with the Bursars." They had no need to shake hands, the agreement stood between them as sacred an oath as any priest would declare before his god.

He toasted along with the others. "May the Divine Broker bless our venture with bountiful wealth and profitable exchange," he declared, throwing back the glass. "And with that," he said, handing it back to Ronsalvo, "I too should be off. We shall assemble a plan tomorrow?" He looked with purpose at Saano. "Yes, I think we shall. Rest well, my fellows - we shall certainly need the sleep."

Coursi rode Hezzab back to his quarters slowly, pondering and planning at what might lie ahead.
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Re: TBA Game
« Reply #54 on: December 23, 2012, 01:51:03 AM »
Saano eyed Zuan sideways as they completed their toast. A priest, even one of the trade-god, would come in handy. Especially if this really was a b'kakor. Exorcism without a priest was exceptionally difficult, and never guaranteed. He would still need to get some quicksilver, though.

"I have some supplies to gather as well. Hopefully the trip to Canagadi will be more uneventful than today has been. I'll meet you all at the gates on the morrow." He nodded to Zuan and Ebellos in turn, then made his way to the streets below. Time to go shopping.
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