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Found these site when I was Japan, then forgot about them, and now I remembered them again so put them up.

They are on the left side under the stats and stuff.

They are third party links that take the page and turn it into a printer friendly rendition that you can edit, email, print, send to kindle or save to pdf. Thought it was pretty handy and they are free (which is my favorite flavor).

The top set of links are from Readability. (yeah, the alignment is messed up, has to do with their calls and not sure how to sneak into it)

The Print link on the bottom is from Print Friendly.

Hopefully you will find them useful. They seem to be quite handy!

Rad! I like it. The ability to save it as a PDF is very useful indeed.

Not perfect. Have done a few tweaks to how I do formatting to make it work better. Doesn't seem to bring in the idea scrolls and such but will continue to work on it off and on to make it better.


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