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Yes, the team was in Anchorage which is located in the same location as CE Anchorage

Yes, the team is currently near Juneau, which has moved away from the foot of Mt. Juneau to the location of the Juneau Int'l Airport, but remains on the same island.

The Island you were scouting was the island of Juneau, which is the location of the arcology. The arcology is inside the perimeter of the city, but it doesn't have fence around it. There are no guard towers, no chain link, no patrols of men with attack dogs. You did find wreckage, and there is evidence of at least one mech running around, but it's whereabouts are unknown.

There is no reason to not approach the arco on foot.

If you want to continue overland to the arcology and not meet up with the Cabin cruiser by the port then tell me that is what you want to do.

Communication is important, and PbP really stretches things out, and as I mentioned in the removed OOC discussion I just wanted to move things along. I don't want the game to die because of a lack of momentum. If we were sitting at a table playing, this would be a non-issue. If I said your two groups were moving to meet at the point, (a function of moving two traveling red lines together on the map) and you said we want to continue on foot this direction, I would say okay and we would move on. Your second team would go where you wanted it to.

If you want a map, ask and I will get you one, the same goes for any questions you have. I want you guys to have fun, and I want to have fun.

I would love a map. I'm having a little difficulty with the back and forth as to exactly where everything is.


--- Quote from: Dozus on February 25, 2013, 08:43:53 AM ---I would love a map. I'm having a little difficulty with the back and forth as to exactly where everything is.

--- End quote ---

I'll see about getting a map posted tomorrow morning

When Blue and I scouted the acrolocation what did it look like, the arco that is....

Having some difficulty with posting the pics, I am having a dumb.

As for the appearance of the arco: Inuksek is a second generation industrial arco, tall and slab sided. It is a tapered prism, but the degree of taper is mostly cosmetic, keeping the profile of the arco from looming over ground level viewers. Some first generation arcos were non-tapered and could cause vertigo to people who looked at them.

This tapering and looming vertigo imposing presence is a real world thing, and there are some walls and other big structures that are tapered because people close to them would either be affected by vertigo, as the structure seems to be visually hanging above them. Another effect was that there was a strong fear that the structure in question would tip over and fall on the viewer. (optical effects)

The building is a medium blue, and unlike many arcos in major cities and megacities, it doesn't have external mountings for advertising and entertainment media. The heloport on the top is prominent, but it has largely replaced the int'l airport for light air transit, with the older facility only serving semi-ballistic airliners and cargo haulers.


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