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Bah!  Keep the racism going and the volume constant. The Cosmic Era is a study in mixing hyperbole with a general disgust in human nature.  Lets not lose our nerve now that we have actually taken her off the drawing board. 

Checking in here, I havent heard from:


Can someone edit out the OOC exchange in the game thread? Pretty please :)


--- Quote from: EchoMirage on February 22, 2013, 11:34:26 AM ---Can someone edit out the OOC exchange in the game thread? Pretty please :)

--- End quote ---


Also posted to get things moving again. I would have responded sooner but I had some personal issues that kicked my butt/sapped the creative juices: by replacing them with crushing head congestion and mucus, 401k shenanigans, and a sick horse.


We were in Anchorage..which is located more or less on the site of present day Anchorage?

We are now in juneau Alaska, which is located more less on the site of modern day Juneau?

The island we were scouting was the island with the Inuksuk arco, we found the wrecks, their were mechs running around, but we didn't see any mechs? Did we approach the perimeter fence?

If we didn't was there a reason we couldn't approach the arco on foot?

We are now back in the boats, heading towards the Juneau marina which has been shot up and has a bunch of people on it trying to warn us to get off the boats or at least warn Brian (ceasar and his team)?


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