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You guys are doing great, I am loving this.

I would like to address Brian Bolles character and his racism against augments. I think it is fitting to the setting material, but I want to make sure that everyone is okay with it, and that it is understood to be in character, and not any sort of personal attack etc. We are mature, but I want to make sure that all the bases are covered.

Second, Morte will be joining the group soon (he is going to drop in in-transit). I did have the group closed, but he PMed me such an awesome character concept that there was no way I could say no.

Carry on, and if anyone has any questions or needs anything, PM me!

So - have we agreed on who's doing what? Everyone's just talking ambiguously.

Did I get it right?
Muldoon: scout
Blue: scout
Balls: shop, steal boat
Matt: shop, steal boat
If so, let's get to the action.

As to answer your question, I don't have an issue with the topic per se. I just have an issue with "suspension of disbelief".
Only a very stupid person will openly be a -See You AunTie- to armed people on whom his life may depend. Also, I like to base my in-game decisions on actual role-play, and not on 'gloss over it, it's a PC'.
So, I'm A-OK with the portrayal of racism, violence, sex, religious intolerance, politics, bad humor, genocide and other controversial topics within a game, but Mr. Balls may need slightly more thoughtful writing.

I'm thick-skinned enough - and not a human augment myself - to not mind Brian's jabs. I do echo Echo's (ha!) thought that they are a little heavy-handed. But such people exist, so if that's the he's played, I'm game.

Wait until ya fellahs meet Fade...

Yeah, Brian is probably going to be worrying about how cold it is more than about trading insults with others, so he is going to be slightly more thoughtful (one of the things he's learned is not to insult the meatshields!).

And by the by, echo- did autocorrect make you write Balls instead of Bolles there, did you think that was my guys last name, or did you go for the purposeful insult?

And Morte- I'm liking Luke so far. But what I want to know is if he's human. Because Brian (not I) would like the "good types" to outnumber the augmens and neo-ethnics.


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