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So we now have:

Ombutsu the street samurai
Brian the Gang Hacker
Blue the TK Neo-Ethnic

Still waiting on Muldoon the Tracker Bot

But I think we have enough to start

Okay. I'll throw those things into the description. And by the by, Scrasamax, if we're going to have one of those cursed neo-ethnics ( :wink: ) in the party, as well as scumbag augmen (looks like the only other decent person I have to work with is axelerowe's seibertonian!), what I want to know is if their is any racist name for them. So that I can make comments about those _____, always screwing up the most basic of tasks, and so on.

Well, Blue's appearance readily lends itself to being called a goat, cow, or anything else with horns or hooves.

Well, naturally I'm going to comment on your foul animalistic additions. But I was thinking of some more generic comments. And I'll need something for Dozus's augmen, too.

Augmens and Neo-Ethnics are genetically modified organisms, GMOs so you can derive something from that Jimmos (GMOs) Genie, gene-junkie, mutant, bioslag, infectious human waste, etc.

On a religious level there is the typical calling them soulless monsters, devils, demons, etc (this could apply to just about anything not 100% pure unmodified human). augments could be desecrators, or defilers (body is a temple, made in the image of god etc)

Seibertronians and other cyborg mods, the first things that come to mind are 'Clankers' (shouted with an australian accent, blame the Clone Wars) Toasters, clippy, or any other insult derived from their mechanical nature.


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