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There was some interest posted in the Call of Captain-thulu thread.

So I have two questions, is there any interest in playing a Cosmic Era game, and if you are interested, what sort of thing do want to see? A CogNet cyberrun game, a mecha fighting game, espionage or shadowrun style?

If I can pick up 3 interested players (rules light game) and we can quickly pick one style of play, I will run a Cosmic Era Game.

I am be interested.  At the very least, I will follow along.

I'm interested in participating.

I don't have much experience in futuristic RP, so I'm down with any sort of style. The more techy cyberrun or shadowrun peak my interest, but I love a good mecha too.

So at this point there is 2/3rd of the required interest, and I am also more interested in a shadowrun style game through the Cosmic Era and not so much a stompy robots shooting each other game.

That doesn't mean there won't be mecha, they just wont be the focus.

I am also interested in a cosmic era RP. I'm fine with any style, though shadow run does peak my interest more. I haven't done any futuristic stuff either, like Dozus.


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