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Hey there, everyone.

So, I was considering writing up a massive plot-line over the next month or two which enscapulated as much of all ten nations as I could physically manage. I was thinking about making a moderated freeform roleplay down the track with it, and then releasing the plot on the main site as an 'in work,  viewable' sub and i'll reveal the sections of the plot after those who join in play through each section of the game (so they can see what they missed, how well they did and such.)
To do this effect, I was wondering if I could glean just a couple of bits of information about what is intended for each area, just so I know what i'm dealing with in terms of travel and logistics (For example, I know that Vartanadel and Hypoten are both quite inwardly-focussed; Vartanadel seems to frown on outsiders very much, and Hypoten seems to pretty much bar them from coming in altogether. Thus, if I were to make the characters go into these areas, i'd probably need to either have them do it on the sly, sneaking around and blending in, or perhaps in Hypoten's case, perhaps they will only be allowed in with an escort to make sure they don't get up to mischief :p)

Also, I know that some areas haven't had any info added yet and that's fine too! This is an exercise which you can take as much time as you need with and i'm definitely not trying to rush you! All I want is a couple little tidbits of information so I know whether or not I can start a campaign in said area, or if it's going to be trouble to get through an area. Stuff like that.

Anyway. For now, i'm only interested in the very basics of each area, so if you guys have a couple minutes, i'd really appreciate if you could answer some of this info. I really don't even need details really, just so I can plot a direction to take the victi... erm, players.

Name of the area?
Hostility of the area? (Wild animals? Eldrich demons? Militant society? Will they get thrown in prison for entering the place? Welcome outsiders with open arms?)
Society of the area? (Small towns? Massive empire? Kings and queens? Cave-dwelling Dwarven communities? Anarchy? Or no societies at all? Perhaps a wasteland? No sentient life? etc...)
Travelling difficulties? (Beaten paths? No paths? Treacherous mountains to climb? Empty desert? Rafts in swamplands? Thick, bramble forests? Boat travel? etc...)

I know some of you already have a bunch of this info done, too. I'm loving the way each area is coming together; such a diverse land!  :up:

And here I thought I was almost done with the great land of Hypoten and then you had to go and mention transportation.  :D

Let's see. Name: check. Hostility: hmm. I wonder how each level of society reacts to strangers... no check for now. Society: checkish. I have the overlying political system, but what about the little places? And Traveling: no check.

I guess I have to go add this stuff to Hypoten. And, naturally, scribble something in dungeons and items, too.

Oh, and by the by, if someone decided to enter Hypoten, the military would kill them. They'd have to sneak in, past the patrols. But nobody does that anymore, because nobody knows what its like inside the borders. I'll go in and clarify this slightly.

Coolies Caesar :) I don't need much depth. In fact, i I have an idea of your place; I was thinking they can sneak in via a treacherous cave from skaldevale (a dangerous path, but lets them bypass the heavily patrolled north.) and once in they can blend in easily enough. I'm just going to have to think up a "why" motivation for having to get in there. Whether to find an item or a person or glean information...

Motivation? Why, here's seven:

1. Area Five or Vartanadel wants to expand their borders, and wonders whether Hypoten is powerful enough to resist such an invasion- and so, the PCs become a scouting party.

2. Or maybe a merchant wants to sell something that the world has but Hypoten doesn't to Hypoten's people- maybe the newest and coolest steel-making technique?- and wants the PCs to get Hypoten to open its borders.

3. The PCs are hanging around in Skaldevale when a freak Maddux happens to them, and the PCs fall down the rabbit hole, and they find themselves in a cave system heading to (where else?) Hypoten.

4. Or sure, I could make some new, awesome technology that Hypoten got that the rest of the world didn't (probably because the fools spent to much money on foreign policy) and someone wants it- but then you'd have to ask the question of how the world found out about the thing, and why they didn't reverse engineer it like Sequoyah did in 1810 with writing.

5. Or maybe someone decided to leave Hypoten, and left it, but then found out the rest of the world was complete and utter waste of space, so he now wants to return home- enter the PCs.

6. The PCs are sent to kill a bandit because said bandit has stolen something precious... and the bandit gets a little "turned around," and accidentally manages to slip past Hypoten's patrols A, B, and C, and eventually is captured by Fort D- and guess who has this "precious?" Naturally, the PCs liberate "my precious," and flee military patrols deeper into Hypoten.

7. Country A started the medieval era version of the Manhattan Project (based off Einstein's Theory of Relativity), so Country B started the medieval era's version Nazi's version of the Manhattan Project (based off Quantum Physics- the Nazi's version, no the Manhattan Project). And guess what material is needed for Country B's hypothetical superweapon? And guess, based off a map drawn up 300 years before the Drawing of the Map, where the only deposits of said material is? And guess whether or not said location's denizens used said material for their own sadistic uses?

What was that about you having to think?

Well snap. I may as well get you to write out the rest of the campaign! :p

number 3 would be cool in a once-off kinda setting; the cave blocked behind them, they have to make it through the cave, then sneak through Hypoten without being noticed to get back out to safety.
I'll definitely use one of these as a part of the campaign :) Cudos, Caesar.


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