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I need a former homeland for the displaced merchant class that are the over lord of two of my islands. The left about 80 years ago with there slaves and other estate wealth. Any takers?---I am looking at you Strolen and Muro....

Welcome to mine.

I am basing mine very loosely on N. Korea. So if a merchant class breaks free of their grip there would either be war or very extreme animosity or hate from my country. If you can deal with open hostility from me, go for it. Unless you can come up with a way to escape safely that is. That would be an interesting thing if you could figure it out. Outcasts that were thought to be killed. The king is finicky and creates and destroys other "royal families" on whims. So if they were a disgraced family that was supposed to be dead, that might work. Then if the truth came out, perhaps he would just verbally ignore it and nobody could speak of it. That would be sort of a cool secret. Those that did know and spoke of it would be sent to the mines. So just another installment of rewritten history to cover a King's embarrassment.  If you don't use it, can I? :) Might just be a plot type submission for me though and I have enough I want to do anyway.

Most of my submissions are going to focus inward so you have free reign!

Yeah, sorry to make it so complicated. :) Not sure if it needs to be, really, but I was still in idea mode when I wrote the above.

Strolen thanks this is great, what I am thinking is that your country had a class of people 80+ years ago that had achieved wealth and power.
Perhaps they were warrior nobles (the king killed all the generals Stalin style),

perhaps they were sea trade merchants who prospered from foreign trade (closed the borders),

perhaps they were members of the political elite that helped prop up the king only to find themselves rivals once he was in power ,

maybe they were an ethnic minority that had risen to prominence in the country wealth wise but not politicly because of institutional segregation.  This minority was advantageous for the regime because they could have the country could have benefits of wealthy land owning class without the political threat or they performed some. (the Indians in Uganda)

I think you can chose this one or make one up.   

At any rate 80+ years ago there were purges and an exodous of wealthy land owners and their human chattel.  This is the only point that is important is that my "settlers" took there class system with them.   

Religion and divine presence should be a bullet in each of the realms.


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