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Map Challenge #1: Decathros

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Hurrah! And we are full on the map once more! Good work to all!

ya should update the original post about who has what territory, wouldnt want others to come here and get confused

Done, and done!

Area #9:

The name of this area translates as "Land that Devours." The locals, the few who eke out an existence at the very edge of the desert, refer to it as "Domain of Thres'ka"

SE, I hope you don't mind that I took some liberties with map. :)

My biggest regret is that Scras's "Mountains" don't look very mountainy. Before I realized that I had gone too far to correct it easy.

When we get more people joining and I update the labels, I may give it a try. As it is, I spent most of the day (on and off) on this and I am a little burnt out right now. :)


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