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Expanding the Web: Journeyman Quest (level 2)

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I'm going to leave that up to each Weaver's personal preferences.  I mostly wanted to encourage linking to other authors' work, but any link within a sub is basis for qualification.  Subs that just have "suggested subs" on them don't, however.

Okay, well, when it comes to world building, I think it's just so natural for subs to arise out of each other. I was telling Elbin the other day that a sub usually spawns off at least 2 more for me so yeah. I might just do this when I've made the Dragon Empire more substantial and wanted more eyes on it (Hopefully, editing activity on them then would draw some eyes to them).

Sorry, I'm flooding this thread with clarifications: on the 1st requirement after the double dashes, my interpretation was either 1 of the 4 comments/ideas from step 4 and 5 has to be upvoted. But in Elbin's log of his progress for this quest, his interpretation was that 1 of the comments/ideas from each of step 4 and 5 has to be upvoted. Which is your actual intention when you first wrote it up?

I understood it the same way - either one can be upvoted. But I noted both points in the thread to remember that it was either, not one of each.

Oh I see, all right then, we will proceed on the basis of this unless Dossta informs us otherwise.


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