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Expanding the Web: Journeyman Quest (level 2)

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Weavers Guild Level 2 Quest

Expanding the Web -- Journeyman Test

1. Write one submission based off two other random submissions (use the random button, or PM the guild master)

2. Write two more submissions that link back to a starting sub of your choosing (must be the same sub for both, and must not be your own).

3. Add the Weavers Guild freetext to at least two more of your own submissions.  These can be old submissions that link to others on the site, or they can be an additional two new submissions that you write for this purpose.  The subs you create for parts 1 and 2 of this quest do not count towards this number (though they should still be tagged with the Weavers Guild freetext).

4. Find any two submissions and leave ideas on them (not just comments -- ideas).  These submission must be either two years old, or must be previous Weavers Guild submissions.

5. Vote and comment on two more submissions that are at least two years old.

-- At least one of the comments/ideas from steps 4 and 5 must be upvoted
-- You must keep a average score of 3.25 on all the Weavers Guild subs for this quest, and they must each receive at least 3 votes apiece.

Upon completion of this quest, you will earn:
* The title of Journeyman and access to your Journeyman's stripes
* A new level and 5 new attribute points to distribute at will (keeping in mind that you must maintain at least a 3 in Dexterity and Intelligence as per the guild requirements)

I plan on modifing the Weavers Guild graphic with a rank indicator, and will post the image here when done.

Okay, this is probably early for me to ask this (since I'm not even an official member yet) but just want to get some clarifications on the following:
For no. 3, when you say it can be old subs that link to others on the site, are there further restrictions within subs that fit this criteria? For example, would two quest subs that I wrote back in 2009 for the Expanding a 30 count and not be considered double-dipping? Does one need to differentiate whether the links are put there by the author versus suggested by others? Or any old sub with some links to others' work (via a suggested sub or linkback) would count?

Hmmmm, I can see how the wording would be confusing.  Linking (as far as the Weavers are concerned) means that the other sub was specifically referred to in the text of your sub.  So your inclusion of Frost Owls in your Overview of Kalimon sub would count, but a "suggested sub" at the bottom of one of your own would not (no matter who put it there).  Does that make sense?  I'll update the main thread with a note once I've got the wording right.

Ah, I see, lucky I asked, I actually thought linking refers to suggested suggestions and linkbacks.

This does nothing to do with the Quest but just want to ask do you want Weaver Guild freetext to be thrown on any sub that interlinks to another, regardless of whether they are own work or others' work? Asking b/c in Recruit Quest, three inter-related subs are interchangeable with 3 subs that link to others so not sure whether general principle applies to this Guild as a whole. If so, the whole of my Dragon Empire setting (minus 2 silks) can have a Weaver Guild freetext, which is good PR for the Guild but depending on person, may seem a bit excessive.


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