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Hello All.

Just popping in to say thanks for having me. I'm looking forward to making a contribution to the forums on the assumption I can actually find my way around.

The bad news is that I am a 'writer' (yes, another one).

Hey, we like writers. A decent chunk of us are more writers than gamemasters, so you'll find many kindred spirits here.

Also, welcome welcome to the Citadel! Careful of those dark hallways, we haven't quite finished clearing out the grues.

Awesome. And there is nothing to find. If you are there, there it is!

Welcome to the Citadel!! PM or ask if you have any questions. There tend to be a lot when you first get here. We need some kind of FAQ, but I never remember the questions. ;)

Howdy, and welcome

Welcome, welcome!  Looking forward to reading your first submission.  We welcome writers here, though what we prize most is useful ideas.  If your post can be easily applied to a game and sparks the imagination, it will be well received. 

Hope that you enjoy your stay!


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