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Drunk Writers Guild

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Oh, for sure. It is more in the category of the Cult of Done and Mathom, just a fun side idea. That is how I put it in the Guild Membership list. The Guild Owner is "Life". And as soon as we get enough Guilds, I will drop them from that list too. Just put them up because i needed a 4th to fill the row.

This is a side-trek piece of amusement....FOR SCIENCE!

Is it Friday already? *hiccup*


--- Quote from: Murometz on January 11, 2013, 03:24:00 PM ---Is it Friday already? *hiccup*

--- End quote ---

Hear, hear!


--- Quote from: MysticMoon on January 03, 2013, 03:32:16 PM ---I propose making the Drunk Writers Guild a bit of a different beast than the others:

* Drunk writing is for dabblers only; it's ok to visit the tavern but you may not live there. In other words, there are only individual excursions and no quests. Think of it as a nice place to put up your feet and tip back a pint between quests.
* There are no rewards. No attributes, no points. Just the recognition of your fellow inebriates.Maybe a graphic (like an empty bottle with a "For Science!" logo) associated with a "Writer Was Sloshed" or "Written While Intoxicated" freetext? Following that, the writer must post their drinks list and sub link here (BAC vs creativity charts optional.)

--- End quote ---

This. I'd join.

I'd join too, I have a bottle or too o' da hard stuff jus' lookin fer an excuse ta be opened.  :beer2:


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