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--- Quote ---MysticMoon: Hmm, maybe a drunk writers guild?
MysticMoon: You must write and comment on subs while sloshed
MysticMoon: Higher levels require progressively higher blood alcohol levels
--- End quote ---

Not that I will condone drinking, but I hereby condone drinking in the name of art.

If and/or when you are drunk and grace the Citadel with a work then give us a wink and tell us which one it is.

I also don't want to encourage the stereotype that all writers drink, but if you do, share it!

If we get one submission, will put together a subguild that won't ever make a full forum but still be funny as hell....I think....and it might be because I had a few already tonight. :)

What a fascinating Guild idea! I will join. I have some experience with this format :P

I wrote The Last Tomorrow while utterly sloshed (but edited sober) a few new years ago, and will be sure to write a few more now!

Lots of  clever quips come to mind, but first this hangover must go away!

Once I finish my Necromancy pledge, I shall embark upon this line of experimentation. For the good of all of us. Except the ones who are dead (and not yet reanimated).

For Science!

Freaking beautiful!!!

A list of drinks imbibed prior to and during the writing process must be included.

Subs about alcohol in particular, or at least centered around inebriation, should also be applicable.


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