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Basically all the same information is there but I rearranged it all. I am done messing with it at this point pending your thoughts and suggestions.

Let me know if there is other stuff you would like to see on it!

Is there a link that shows co-authored subs? It's greyed out on the submission links section.

Also, I think the sub count is off. I'm pretty sure I haven't co-authored 18 subs. My total sub count has gone from mid 30s to 41.

Sweet. Bugs to track. Will take a look tomorrow!

Something else to consider is that you might be a co-author on subs that other people are working on, that aren't public. I know I've got you on a few of mine.

@Chaosmark Added all the in-work (public and private) collaborative subs to the author's Personal Workspace. Will try and figure out how to show collaborative subs. Will probably have to be on the same page as you go to view all subs by that person, will just query collab ones on one of the hits. That will be another day though.

@MyticMoon Caught one! I have been having an issue with the collab subs. They create duplicate fields in the tracking database somewhere (probably on edits) and I always forget to get distinct. Had to fix that in a few places and now have to fix it so it doesn't do it in the first place.

Giving you both 10xp for helping me out for this. Thanks!!


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