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Worship at my feet, for I have shown unto you the way and the light and the true religion of Trianarianism! And this allows me to cross off yet another guild requirement. Only have to make up a plot and three locations for Atheus. Hmmm... the locations should be easy (capitol of Obstaria and Tauria, since those are the two biggest countries, and then some other... Wait! I could just do the holy site for Trianarianism, and thus tie that aspect in! That's a good idea, I'll have to remember it.), and for the plot, I can make something that is highly racist against the Barbarians.

I've almost got my second level in the Cartography Guild! Just four more subs. That takes approximately a month per sub. This might take a while.

A Raiding of Tauria is out. Don't worry, its totally awesome and well-worth the time it would take to read and give it a vote of 5/5. And a HoH.

And as it is an Atheian plot, I can cross that off my guild to-do list! Awesome. And now to write up a bunch of locations.

I should probably do an update here. So here is that update.

Due to the recent site cataclysm, I lost my religion, Trianarianism, and my plot, A Raiding of Tauria. I just finished fixing Trianarianism, but A Raiding of Tauria still awaits fixing. The plot is not to be found, so I'll have to rewrite it. Unless, of course, some site admin person reads this and searches the entire citadel and finds it. That'd be great.

Anyway, I'm working on Triastu, the holy city of Trianarianism, next, so the A Raiding of Tauria is probably not going to be done soon. As that about wraps it up, I'm going to go write now.


Well, why thank you Strolen. I bow to your efforts in aiding but a simple Strolenite.


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