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Having set sail over the western seas to the new lands, caesar193 gazes over the waters at the horizon. A strip of land is there, hinting of mystery and wonders. And most of all, it hints of making caesar193 a middling minion of the great Cartography Guild of the Old Land.

What I must Write:
1. Create one location sub
2. Discover 3 locations that lie within the previous location.
3. Create a sub detailing the history of one of those locations.
4. Discover one fauna or one flora, both never-before-seen (naturally), that exist in this location
5. Create one religion worshiped in this location
6. Discover one plot that may occur within the confines of the first location sub.

Things That Should Apply to Each Sub:
1. Freetext 'Cartography Guild.'
2. Voted a three or better.
3. Links to the original (first requirement) sub.

And with a hop, a skip, and a shout, I am off!

My god. Has it really been a month since I pledged to go up a rank?

Well, progress report 1. I launched the oh-so-great continent of Atheus today. So that's my first requirement thrown out. A sub per month? this might take a while. The good news is that I have another in the works. AKA stagnating in my "in work" folder. Maybe I'll get around to blowing the dust off and fighting the infestation of were-rats and were-spiders and were-dust mites. Or get one of my minions to do it... Hey strolen, wanna leg up with your guild requirements? Eh? Eh?

Anyway, all joking aside, go check out Atheus. Its totally awesome, and deserves a 6/5. Of course, I might be a little biased.

Well, I've revealed The History of Atheus for general discussion and high voting. And now you all now why there is only countries in the east.

And it didn't take me a month to get it out! Woo-hoo!

The Raveten has been released into the Citadel. That would be one fauna down. Only six more subs to go! It'll only take another year, if I continue my rate of one every two months. Or perhaps three months? I seem to increase the time span between subs by a month each time. Perhaps that is Mathom's Law of Gravitational Pull? As the amount of times procrastination occurs increases, the length of the procrastinating increases.

Meh. Anyways, I have the religion that occurs in Atheus almost finished. In a month or two I'll blow the dust off it, and then finish it over the next month. Or sooner. Maybe. Mathom loves me too much.

More progress. And it only took me a day. Hurrah.

Anyways, Friar's Weed has been revealed. And yes, it isn't a religion. I'll get that religion I mentioned in my early report done. Soon.


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