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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Jouney -- Review

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--- Quote from: Murometz on December 28, 2012, 02:22:34 PM ---Going to the theater tonight with a gang of kids to watch it...expectations now diminished!

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It's not a bad movie by any means, but I still feel that as mentioned above, the best part is the first hour they spend in the Shire. It just won't charm you like Fellowship of the Ring or blow you away like Return of the King

Saw it a couple weeks ago. I haven't read the book since the 5th grade, whereas my wife read it just before going. She disliked the film more than I did, but I wasn't exactly a fan either. Regardless of book, here's my take:

The Good

* Dwarves! The glory of Erebor and sheer dwarfiness of the initial 30 minutes was glorious, even if it was just precursor stuff to the actual film content. A few of the gang really exemplified Tolkeinesque dwarvendom, particularly Dwalin and King Thror.
Most of the hobbit hole dinner scene. They pulled off the dinner song well, and the dirge about the loss of Erebor.
Radagast was as well done as could be expected. He's a weird character, even in Tolkein's notes, but they pulled it off with the right tone, I think.
The riddle game. Nicely meshes LotR to the Hobbit, both the film and book versions.
The Bad

* Everything is a fight scene. There's constant chasing and fighting where there shouldn't really be any. Regardless of how it meshed to the book (it didn't, in most cases), the fights seemed tacked on.
That Defiler fellow. Again, a random bit glued on to give Thorin more of a motivation - as if regaining his lost crown wasn't enough.
Other parts of the dinner scene. After looking through the book again, I realized I was right in questioning during the movie, "Aren't Hobbits more hospitable than this?" In the book, Bilbo is slightly put out by the sudden dozen guests, but still happily greets them at the door, lets them in, and opens his stores for them. Here he seems very uninviting, which is un-hobbitlike.
The meeting between the Elf lords and the Wizards. The idea was great, but the dialogue was unconvincing.
The Ugly

* Stone giant fights. What was that all about? Why couldn't it just be a storm that forced them into the caves? Was the CGI under budget and they needed another scene?
The goblin king/final fight scene. It didn't mesh well at all.
The Necromancer. I get that Peter Jackson wanted to bring Sauron more into the Hobbit, and I'm curious to see what happens here, but again it seemed like a strange and ominous mention of something that will probably be a Deus Ex Machina.
The other dwarves. Where are the beards?! Thorin's was sorely lacking, and Kili didn't have one at all.

I'll eschew a long review because I tend to agree with the reviews (the negative-ish ones) above.

Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Came closer to hating it than loving it. I'm somewhere between "liked it" and "sigh...the magic is over with this franchise."

Did the brood like it Muro? I think that might be the true teller for this one. The younger ones that haven't read anything perhaps?

Good question!! Of course the brood liked it!! :D  They are young, impressionable, haven't been to too many movies of this kind, haven't read anything like it, and were blown away and laughed a lot! :D (though i had to do lots of explaining on the way home)


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