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What have you got for Christmas...

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Cheka Man:
this year?

My favorite so far. WD TV Live. Older product but does what I need it to do. PS3 is good for streaming but some of my backups won't play through it. Nice to have a tiny box that does it all.

Waiting for the kids to get up to open a bulk of the presents though. We do one present a day for a week to entertain them and build the excitement. Then Christmas morning we open Santa's presents plus all the rest from family.

My wife took me back to childhood days with a woodcraft model Velociraptor to build, a Spring-loaded automated cart which I have to build which was based on one of Da Vinci's original designs, and a potato clock :D We had set a small money limit since this year we were tight, so some good fun there for the price! Also got an Avocado tree, some tools for the ol' toolkit and a venus fly trap, as well as assorted stocking-stuffers.

Cheka Man:
I got.....

Having desecrated my stocking, I found in it from Father Christmas (really me)

Two tangerines
£6:30p (about $12:60c in US terms)
A paddleball bat and ball
A mini chess set
A mouth organ
Some fake penalty tickets to put on random cars at stupid'o'clock in the morning when noone is awake to see me do it
A laser pen
A bookmark
A "T" seal and sealing wax
Two packs of Vienesse truffles
Three packs of chocolate coins
A compass
Three mini chocolate logs with marzipan robins
Three chocolate puddings
A small slab of chocolate.

From my family under the tree I got...

I got...

A red gala silk shirt that makes me look like Father Christmas.
Big black boots that also look like Father Christmas's.
A big back Father Christmas like belt embossed with red stars.
A dark blue denim shirt.
A map where you hang it on the wall and scrape off a gold foil covering of the countries that you have been to.
A regifted book to write in.
A 2012 diary.
A 2012 Taylor Swift calendar (not as good as the 2011 one but it has some good pics of her.)
A book called "Buried Alive" about the history of live burial.
A book called "Many Skies" about how things would be with different star systems.
A book called "Christmas-a candid history" about Christmas traditions
And my father asked me and my two brothers to shut their eyes. They did and I pulled my Father Christmas hat over my eyes to serve as a blindfold. When we could open our eyes and I could pull up my hat, we were each holding-a brand new blue plastic sledge. So if it snows in 2013 that will come in very handy.
A £15 I-tunes card
A book called "A horrid history of Christmas"
A £25 I-tunes card
And a book by Condalezza Rice.


Wait...a book by Condalezza Rice? Who are you? :)


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