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Rumor has it that 3 Gods are clashing just North of the City of (Insert city name here). They are fighting for control of the lands all around the city, and the outcome will determine the cities future. The catch is, the God's cannot fight themselves, so each has gathered an army, and can grant their personal skill to their own troops.

God #1 (Hurin): A master of the Earth and terrain, this God can teleport any units under his control to any of 6 beacon rocks placed around the battlegrounds. Known for his kindness, this God will bring peace to the cities.

God #2 (Pheramir): A beserker God who specializes in brute strength. Every time his army kills a certain amount of enemies, an increasingly stronger Demi-God appears to aid the troops. These Demi-Gods have powers ranging from increasing nearby units strengths or armor to temporary invincibility for nearby troops. (obviously, the stronger Demi-Gods require more enemy sacrifices before they can be summoned) This God is of a Neutral nature, and cares only for strength in battle. A victory by Faramir will ensure a strong government, but under strict and harsh rule.

God #3 (Apocalypse): An evil God of the underrealm, he as the ability to keep his forces thick in every battle. Whenever his army drops to a smaller size than the opposing forces (not combined) the nearby corpses (friendly and enemy alike) spring to life as living skeletons serving Apocalypse. These skeletons are not as strong as normal soldiers but they do count towards the army's unit count. Apocalypse delights in nothing but the torture of all creatures, and his victory will result in the destruction of the lands.

The rules of the battle are as follows:

1- Each God may try to sway as many of the lands inhabitants (any living thing, including plants if they have battle capabilities) to their case throughout the battles duration.

2- Each God has been granted possesion of a magical creature, that is to be kept on the battlefield at all times. When this creature is killed, the battle is over for that God, and he and all his army are instantly teleported to a holding cell until the battle is over. (in other words, you lose this creature and you lost the battle, so you are still fighting even if you have 0 soldiers)

3- Each God is restricted to using only his special ability (described above) Violation of this rule results in an imediate cease in the war, and the removal of the God and his army. A team of judges will determine to restart the battle from scratch (with or without the violating God) or two let the other 2 God's finish the battle from where it stands.

4- No God or any of his army may leave the battlefield for any reason, until the battle is over. Violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the battle.

     Now, when a character hears this, they can each decide what they want to do. They can stay and let the fight go (but watch of course, a battle of Gods is too cool to pass up) or they can participate. This campaign gives the PCs a chance to fight eachother, as they each can choose the God they wish to back, based on the fate they wish the city to endure!

(OOC: for exact rules of the third God (he is a bit tricky after all), a map of the battlefield, or anything else you might need feel free to pm me and I will see what I can do.)

I like it. Highly structured "Code of War" among the gods, possibly set down after some sort of horrible cataclysmic God's War in the distant past.

Ya, I didn't get very specific on God #3 or the rules, but I can later, right now I just want to know what other people think of it.

Well, the reason that I don't think this fits here, is that it's an actual situation. Myth, by definition, is a fictional story made by religious peoples to explain natural things. In magical settings, myths may or may not be true, but the point is that they have already happened. They are stories. This would, however, work as a rumor, if news of this war of gods has spread through out the land.

So, does anyone have any ideas or comments?


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