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Displaced frog people

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Somewhat over three months ago, I requested Dssota's permission to write up a sub inspired by his excellent  Sea  of Snot submission. Now that I am finally free to do so, I intend to do just that. The basic premise involves a bunchy of displaced frog-people  refugees from another realm who were originally taken to the world of men as slaves. Their human captors originally intended to  eat them. Fortunately for the amphibians, they were saved by the intervention of a priest who claimed that he recognized their souls. So instead of being destined for the cookpots, they were  made to slave away for some church organization as fishermen-serfs in return for their ''spiritual salvation''. A few generations passed and they developed their own unique religion, fusing their ancient tribal gods with an omnipotent human deity. Their new cult now tells them that the greedy and corrupt humans have failed their own god and that as sincere converts, it is up to them to topple the humans and enslave them to ensure their spiritual salvation. With this in mind, they escaped to to Sea of Snot  where they have begun to make war upon the ogre ''infidels''. Is this something that 's worth reading? Or has this sort of thing long since been done to death  and is now a tiresome cliche that's best avoided? Any and all feedback would be much appreciated.

I would certainly give that a read. I have a thing for displaced peoples, syncretic religions, and social uprisings, so this is right up Suzod's alley.


I get a sniff of Slaadi, and like the smell!

Just saw this now, so I'll add my 2c.  Love the idea of a twisted cult of frog people!

Perhaps the first phase of their religious war against the humans involves going forth to find their new homeland -- a "Promised Land" prophesied to their people by the same mad human priest who delivered them from the cookpots?  The frog people believe they have finally found it in the Sea of Snot.  It is now holy ground to them, and that gives them their motivation for fighting the ogres (who also view it as holy ground).  So you have two religions fighting over the same piece of territory, and neither one is going to budge any time soon, convinced of their divine right to live there.  Sound familiar? :P


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