Author Topic: New Character Class: Arcane Shapeshifter  (Read 4432 times)

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New Character Class: Arcane Shapeshifter
« on: December 12, 2012, 08:46:06 AM »
The Arcane Shapeshifter

inspired by Ben 10

The Arcane Shapeshifter is a magic user class that is focused on self-alteration magics. Specifically, the arcane shapeshifter assumes an alternate physical form for a limited amount of time. The Arcane Shapeshifter collects these alternate forms, augmenting the forms special abilities and basic stats as they progress in level. A starting out Arcane Shapeshifter might only have one or two alternate forms, while a master could easily have dozens. Arcane Shapeshifter can only use their shifting magic on themselves, they cannot shapeshift other people.

Being an arcane shapeshifter isn't necessarily and easy thing. While the alternate forms of the Arcane Shapeshifter can become very powerful and physical, the Arcane Shapeshifter retains the common weaknesses of the magic user class, low hit points, low combat skills, and significant restrictions to arms and armor use. Also: when a form is shifted, the clothing and gear of the wearer are not protected so, Arcane Shapeshifters are wise to carry spare cloths or take a few moments to disrobe before assuming their Elemental Rock form.

Ability Requirements

Intelligence 9
Constitution 12

Prime Requisite


Races Allowed

Human and part Human

Hit Dice: 1D4
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Sling, Staff
Armor Allowance: Light Only*

Magical Armors are affected by the magic of the Arcane Shapeshifter, if he has any sort of magical armor, it will become part of the alternate form adding it's full mundane and magical armor bonuses to the alternate form. Magical armor is highly sought out by Arcane Shapeshifters

Focus Item

Each Arcane Shapeshifter has an object that is their focus for shapeshifting. This is not required to be a magical item, or even a particularly valuable item. If the Arcane Shapeshifter is denied access to their focus item, they are unable to activate their powers. Arcane Shapeshifters will ensure that their power items are kept secret, or are very secure on their person.

Alternate Forms

The Arcane Shapeshifter is not some purveyor of common carnival tricks, he doesn't assume the shape of animals or people. Such things are the tricks of illusionists and druids. Rather, the Arcane Shapeshifter draws forth alternate forms from the aether, assuming elemental, infernal, celestial, and hybridizations of these forms.

Each alternate form has it's own ability scores, combat stats, and hit points.

Sample: Rock Elemental (strong alt form)
STR +2D6
DEX -1D6
CON +2d6

Base Attack: as warrior of caster level
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: D12 plus CON bonus per caster level

Special: Damage Reduction 10

Sample: Infernal Soldier (starter alt form)
STR +1D4
DEX +1D4
CON +1D6

Base Attack: as warrior class
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 1D8 + con bonus/level

Special: none

Alt Form Duration

Alt forms have a limited duration, the more powerful the Arcane Shapeshifter is, the longer he can maintain an alternate form. Level 1 alt forms have 1D4+1 rounds of action before they dissipate. Level 2 moves up to 2D4 + 1 rounds, and so on.

Alt form levels and such

Alt forms are based off of a mage's spell allowance. An Arcane Shapeshifter cannot have more alternate forms than a magic user would have spells. Each alternate form has a preset base level, and can only be 'cast' at that minimum level. But a weaker form can be cast at a higher level, with the extra spell levels being expended to power up the form. Thus, the above Infernal Soldier is a level 1, but if cast as a level 3, can add two improvements, such as boosting an attribute bonus (1D4 increased to 1D6+1 for example) gaining a special power (fire punch, D6+ STR bonus, add fire type to damage) or extending the duration of the alt form, 1D4 increased to 3D4 + 3 rounds.
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Re: New Character Class: Arcane Shapeshifter
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2012, 10:43:38 AM »
Splendid. When my kids are old enough to rp they will love this class!

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