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New Character Class - Midnight Guardian
« on: December 06, 2012, 10:44:14 PM »
The Midnight Guardian

Humanity is not at the top of the food chain. Man fears the night, flooding his domain with light that pushes back the darkness, for he knows what stalks the shadows. In the depths of night, creatures of primal savagery hunt and eat their chosen prey: men, women and children.

Yet humanity is not helpless. There are those that stand in the darkness, protecting the weak and trimming back the hordes of hungry maws that thirst for blood. They are the Midnight Guardians, painted protectors of those who cannot protect themselves. They cover themselves in tattoos, inked spellforms that can be unleashed to devastating effect on an unwary predator.

Class Features

HD: 1d8 (Con-bonus as fighter)

Required Stats
  • Dex: 9 - One must have a steady hand to give the required precision to the tattooed spellforms, and reflexes to handle supernatural conflicts.
  • Con: 12 - The body is the canvas for the spellforms, one that is used repeatedly. Only a healthy individual can withstand the constant flux of magical energies.
  • Int: 12 - The tattoo spellforms are intricate and complex, distilled and condensed into a much smaller form than the pages of arcane formula in a traditional spellbook. It takes an above-average mind to understand and utilize them.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x5

Spellforms are temporary tattoos that provide extra options for the Guardian when dealing with the predators they hunt. These act much like spells, but are restricted to those that can be applied to tracking a target, fighting it, or protecting against it. Spellforms are applied to the skin using special inks that absorb, contain and protect the magic energies for up to a week before they starts to degrade.

Spellforms may be drawn at a cost of 1 HP per tattoo. Furthermore, actually casting a spellform also costs 1 HP (except the first spellform per day, which incurs no cost). However, drawn tattoos remain for up to a week at a time before the ink loses potency and evaporates. Once used, a spellform evaporates from the skin, its energies expended on the spell.

Hardened Body
Every other level, a Guardian's body has adapted itself further to the energies of spellforms, increasing the number of tattoos castable without draining HP by 1/day.
* Example: At level 2, the number of tattoos castable before draining HP is 2/day. At level 4, this increases to 3/day.

Permanent Tattoos
Every 2 levels, a Guardian's body has attained enough strength to support a permanent tattoo, one that remains active at all times and enhances his capabilities as a hunter. Tattoos can be chosen from the following list:
* Hunter's Strength -- Increases Strength by 1
* Hunter's Grace -- Increases Dexterity by 1
* Hunter's Reflexes -- Increases ability to dodge and initiative (-2 AC, +1 Initiative)
* Hunter's Senses -- Increases vision, hearing, and smell (+3 Perception)
* Hunter's Stamina -- Allows one extra tattoo per day to not cost HP
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