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Necromantic Goals


Let me begin this with a story. It goes like this:

"The half moon shone down on the churchyard. Tombstones cast long shadows on the patches of earth that hid the worm-chewed corpses that, by now, should be picked clean. Suddenly, a bank of clouds rolls over the scene, sealing the churchyard like a coffin lid. Clouds on a clear night? Magic is the cause. And sure enough, five figures steal onto the yard.
'Quickly, my minions. Dig, and unearth the bodies that lie below!" whispers the necromancer to the skeletons.'
And dig they do. Four skeletons armed with shovels can move dirt. Soon one skeleton is unearthed, and then another. And that is when a gruff voice calls out from the church itself.
'Who goes there?' the priest asks, stepping out of the building bearing a wood club.
'Run!' yells the necromancer. 'Grab these two bodies and run!'
The priest, seeing the evidence of this vile necromancy, throws the club. As it flies through the air, it glows with an unearthly and divine glow. It strikes one skeleton, turning the bones it hit into white dust, and scattering the other bones, and continues through. It flies back to the priest's hands. But the priest is nowhere near where he was before. He had ran toward the other skeletons bearing the second body and brought the club that now returned to his hand down on the skeletons. The bones scattered. The remaining skeletons ran off with the necromancer, never to be seen again in this part of town.
'Thats what Othamm thinks of that foul magic,' the priest yelled at the retreating necromancers. He returned to his house, knowing he wouldn't be able to beat the trio single handedly.
The priest would tell his tale (with suitable additions involving the extra 100 or so skeletons and the 9 necromancers he brought down) in the local pub, giving plenty of praise to Othamm, naturally.

The point of that piece was that people hate necromancy. They get all angry when we necromancers put those bodies to work. The reason for this is unclear to me. After all, what else are the corpses going to do? At least this way something productive happens with the corpses.

So with all this racism (or job-ism? Professionism?) against necromancers, necromancers must have some sort of goal is mind. Why else pursue the dark path? So this is a call out for those goals. And the goals have to be worth it. Who would be shunned and exiled from civilization for a pack of chewing gum?

One goal which I have used for my sub The Noble Expertise of Creating the Remaining Organism is immortality. What else would lie at the end of a magic that is death magic? Perhaps the ultimate goal of necromancy is to do away with death. It would provide a powerful attraction to necromancy, which would be tempered by how much you would lose.


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