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On initial submission, any links are pulled out and shared on the right side like you mentioned. Freetext is another way to control what is on the right. Additionally, if when submitting they aren't added automatically, click on the "Suggest a Submission" above the comments. Putting in other subs there will link them to yours and put them on the right side of the page as well.

Check out (quick look found this first). On the right side are linkbacks. If you click on any of those, you will find the sub you just left listed above the comments section. Go to the bottom of the one I linked again and you will see a list of suggested subs. All those will have linkbacks to the sub you are viewing. All that is controlled from that suggested sub input in that same area above the comments (use the sub number!) and you can develop a bunch of linkbacks like long as they are all associated.

This is a few years late, but....

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