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Introducing a waffle, of a most chaotic variety.

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I am chaoticwaffle. I am still relatively new to the citadel. Though I have poked around for quite a bit I only put up a couple subs so far. Yet for some reason I haven't made an intro yet. Well I am now.
I deal pretty much solely in fantasy style. I occasionally do sci-fi, but not really.
As far as tabletop rpgs go I have played Pathfinder, DnD 3.5, and systems friends have made up. I have DMed(is that how you write it?) my own Pathfinder campaign once. Due to player unavailability it kinda died though. :'(
I haven't DMed anything else yet as I lack players, but I am currently on the hunt.
Pathfinder is my favorite so far, mainly because I know it the best. Though I am not shy to learn new systems.
I have played mmorpgs before as well. I played Everquest, Everquest 2, DDO, Perfect World, and Forsaken World. I have also played plenty of console and handheld rpgs. Not sure if the video game ones are important though.
I like coming up with ideas, worlds, people, organizations mostly. I don't do well with puzzle craft, they always seem to be too easy.
Anyway I'm happy to be apart of this community and I hope to be able to do a lot.

Oh and I may look like an idiot in a second, but I gotta ask. I have looked at the how to link subs sub and I still don't get it. Is there a video or something I can watch showing me how to do this? Would someone do this? I just seem to have a hard time understanding the typed directions.

Welcome to the Citadel! With luck, you'll fit right in. You might take a gander at some of the forum games we've had in the past, and see if that would suit your fancy, if you have trouble finding players in your own area.

As for a video, we don't have any at the moment, but I could make one up easily enough. That's an uncommonly wise suggestion, and just the sort of thing we've been wanting newbies to give for a while. Kudos for the idea, and I'll see what I can rustle up for you.

caesar193's Guide to Linking Subs:

1. Ask yourself this question: is the link going to be in the forum (aka, here), or to another sub? From there, you can move on

2. If you want to write a sub and have a link to another sub, then there are multiple ways to do this. The first is to take a bracket (which are one of these things []) and put the sub you want to link's name in it. Like so: [chaotic waffles are chaotic]. The second thing you can do to link sub to sub is with the ID. The ID is a number that acts kind of like the sub's social security number. Anyway, it can be found on the left hand side of the page, with all the other sub info. It is right above the hits, and right below the amount of xp the sub has (which is under the amount of votes, which is under the shield with the sub's average score). You can take that number and put it in the bracket with some random text. Use a straight line (on my keyboard it looks like a straight line with a break in the middle, in case you can't find it on yours). Like so: [99999|chaotic waffles are tasty]. Instead of showing the subs name (which, to continue the previous example, would be 'chaotic waffles are chaotic'), it would show whatever you wanted it to show and still link to the sub.

A real life example: I am using my sub entitles Ariel Lorette. Its ID is 7129. So the first way: Ariel Lorette. And the second Ariel Lorette is an awesome sub which everyone should read and comment on. You can't see the mechanics, but you can see the after effects.

3. Linking from forums was slightly weird for me the first time I tried it. Instead of using single brackets like in above, you use double. So the above Ariel Lorette example used the same format inside the brackets as the sub to sub links, but used double brackets. In the chaotic waffle example, you do chaotic waffles are chaotic, and chaotic waffles are tasty.

I hope this helps. And welcome to the citadel. May your pen be filled with ink, and you sword be bloody from numerous successful battles against the evils (or goods, if you swing that way) of the universe!



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