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Caesar193: To the death

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While struggling under the cursed burden of the foul Necromantic god, another god appeared: ye holy Mathom. Mathom has stopped me, slowed me down in my journey to darkness. Hmm. This gives me an idea. An undead mathom...

Anyway, I will try to hit those commentings and upvoteing... not right now. Maybe tomorrow. Next Tuesday, at the latest.

Undead Mathom  :shock:

Progress Report 2.1

LATE. Sorry, forgot to put this thing up. Did the forum requirement. I'd have more to say if I wasn't late. Anyways, check 'er out.

Progress Report 3.1

Commented on Time Zombie. Hurrah. I'll put a strike through the top list when I do all five of the comments.

Oh, and by the by, Strolenites. Perhaps you might do me a favor and vote on The Noble Expertise of Creating the Lasting Organis and Ariel Lorette, because they both have only 2 votes, and I need 3 to become a Necromancer. Thanks ahead of time!

i would love to help you out there, Caesar, but i'm one of the two votes in each of those subs! :(


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