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Caesar193: To the death

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Congratulations on your acceptance into the folds of the cult of the d**ned.

As leading Cult Leader of the Necromantic Cult I forbid you entrance into the Cult of Necromancers... for you have no name...

From this day forth you shall be known as Acolyte Caesarious Corpsebiter. Lay siege to the lands of the living and spread evil like a ripple in a calm lake, forever growing. This I decree.

Seeing as I fulfilled my requirements in the middle of december... a tad bit late on the whole forbidding me entrance, don't you think? But you are head necromancer, so I'll acquiesce to your mandate.

So my necromancer name- Acolyte Caesarious Corpsebiter? How about Acolyte Octavian Morbidius? I'll go with that as my name. So now am I in?

I was being sarcastic since you did not give yourself a new name. Yes your an Acolyte...


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