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Caesar193: To the death

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Lured by the foul cries of pain and suffering, caesar193 finds himself staring down at the man in the black robes with the skeletal bodyguards. Caesar193 approaches,and finds that the path to becoming a necromancer requires arduous tasks that need completing, namely:

Write 4 3 2 subs (from the following list)
   Famous Necromancer
   Famous Hunter of Undead
   Famous Death Cult
   Unique Undead
   Item Pertaining to Necromancers
   Item Pertaining to Undead
   Ritual or Spell required to create, deal, control, or summon Undead.
   Undead Diety or Pantheon
   Ecology of Undead
   Treatiese on Necromancy

addendum: Instead of writing four different and unique subs, you can write three subs and tie them together so they are inter-linked. This will count as extra effort and will also give an additional 1 point in stat increase when reaching level 1 Cult Member/ Acolyte.

Start 1 Necromantic/ Undead topic in the forums.

Read, vote, and comment on, 5 Undead/Necromantic related submissions by others.

Must have no less than 3 votes with a 3.5 or higher, or 4 votes with a 3 or higher on your first three submissions regarding the Cult. Afterwards, all subs pertaining to the Cult shall keep a vote of 3 or higher or questions about your loyalty will be brought to the light, respectively.

Must upvote no less than 10 comments on subs pertaining to undead, not of your own creation.

Must add "Necromatic Cult" freetext on all subs

So yes,the caesar193 has sworn himself to the pursuit of conquering death. I shall struggle to master death, and this pursuit shall earn me the title of acolyte. No more shall I be a a simple cartographer, wandering the lands for pitiful maps. No more shall I be a drunken dwarf, quaffing pints of ale with foolhardy abandon. I shall be a wandering drunken Dwarven cartographer, with dark magics tainting my stride!

Progress Report 1.1

I have just finished my first necromancy sub. Its called The Noble Expertise of Creating the Remaining Organism, check 'er out. The name was the hardest part, what with finding a sentence that had something to do with necromancy that began with the letters NECRO.

I will cross off that particular requirement, and hit my other two ideas for subs shortly (and naturally they are all inter-twined).

Progress Report 1.2

I have unleashed another undead horror upon the world. And I have also created a disturbing mental image, to say the least, in doing so. It is called The Semblance. As before, I shall know add a strike through on that requirement. I will know start on Ariel Lorette, Undead Killer Extraordinaire.

Progress Report 1.3

My final sub has been completed. Ariel Lorette is up and ready to kill undead. And since all three of my subs are all inter-connected, I don't need to do a fourth and get an extra attribute point. Huzzah!

I'll hit the other stuff tommorrow. Let's see. I have to make a new topic, do 5 votes on necromantic stuff, and upvote 10 comments made on other people's subs. Yeah, I'll do that stuff tommorrow.

Until then, goodbye, and goodnight, fellow necromancers!

Our numbers begin to overflow...


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