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The Ledger of Zuan Coursi, Merchant of the Divine Way

EventCreditDebitCast Command on Nisher Stryne 1cTrading with Bulvan1 Zamorzan mask, 1 horse1 Rashuli rug, 1 nagCast Create Water 1cCast Cure Light Wounds on Inan 1cTrading outside Zamorza"his purse weighed down with coin", 1 parcel land in Canagadi "many sacks of spice and quite a few rugs"Postage from Cangadi to Abodroc 5c, 1 parchment

Ria Hawk:
A challenger appears!~

Moraten Li, Shadowmaster

Shadowmaster Class

Level 1 -
Fade Into Shadows - The shadowmaster is able to use his ability to manipulate shadows to deepen and darken the shadows around him in order to conceal himself. This ability can be used any time the shadowmaster could concievably be completely covered by shadows, i.e., a dark corner or poorly lit corridor. The shadowmaster is able to maintain total concealment for 1 min/level. Alternatively, the shadowmaster can use the shadows to conceal his identity, but not his presence, in brightly lit areas.

Darkvision - The shadowmaster has darkvision to 60 ft.

Level 2 -
Solid Shadows - The shadowmaster is capable of giving his own shadow substance, and can manipulate it at will. He is capable of using his shadow to manipulate objects under ten pounds and simple machines such as levers, switches, and door knobs. He can only affect objects in his line of sight. Additionally, to use this ability, there must be enough light for him to cast a defined shadow.

Level 3 -
Shadowsense - The shadowmaster is able to feel anything his shadow touches as if he is touching it. This also allows him to use his Solid Shadows ability on objects out of his line of sight.

Shadow Snap - The shadowmaster is able to pin any shadow he can physically touch. This causes the object  casting the shadow to be pinned in place for one round per level. If the object is a person, the shadowmaster may make a trip attack. If the person being held succeeds in an opposed Wisdom OR Dexterity check, the shadowmaster loses his grip and is stunned for one round.

Level 4 -
Extended Reach - The shadowmaster's Solid Shadows ability extends to any shadow his own is touching, though not to any other connected shadows.

Level 5 -
Solid Shadows - The shadowmaster's refined control allows him to manipulate complicated mechanisms such as locks.

Misdirection - The shadowmaster is now able to use his control of the shadows to give himself a +2 bonus to AC, Attack, Hide, and Sleight of Hand.

Level 6 -
Extended Shadow Snap - The shadowmaster is now able to pin any shadow his own shadow is touching. Additionally, the duration extends to 2 rounds per level.

Level 7 -
Extended Reach - The shadowmaster's Solid Shadows ability extends to any shadow connected to his own.

Misdirection - The shadowmaster's Misdirection bonus increases to +3.

Level 8 -
Cloak of Shadows - The shadowmaster is now treated as having half concealment in strong light and three quarters concealment in dim light.

Level 9 -
Extended Shadow Snap - The shadowmaster can now pin any shadow connected to his own, and the duration is extended to 3 rounds per level.

Misdirection - The shadowmaster's misdirection bonus increases to +4.

Level 10 -
Shadow Mastery - The shadowmaster is now able to use his Solid Shadows and Shadow Snap abilities in any light condition except total darkness.

Shadow Weapon - The shadowmaster is now able to use his Solid Shadows ability to turn his own shadow into a weapon equivalent to a short sword. He is able to use this as he would a normal weapon, with all attacks per round and applicable feats. While he can still be disarmed while using normal weapons, he cannot ever be disarmed while using his Shadow Weapon. This ability will fail to work in total darkness.

Dex 16
Per 14
Int 14
Con 13
Str 10
Wis 10
Cha 9

HP - 9

'Ten used to be a bodyguard for midranked nobility. He was good at his job, though his employer wasn't the sort of man who inspired admiration or even loyalty. 'Ten found himself increasingly pissed off by his employer's attitude, policies, and general behavior. Eventually, something happened that pushed him too far, and he walked out. He did some mercenary work for a while, then fell in with his partner, Saja. After bouncing around from job to job, they eventually turned to thievery, largely because they didn't have to answer to an employer. 'Ten has an inviolate code of honor, but beyond that, he pays little mind to rules.

He and Saja ended up hearing rumors of a great treasure in the Keep, and went to go retrieve it. However, things went badly, and they were separated. He had no intention of leaving without her, and began searching the Keep...

His code of honor -
Never abandon your partners. Never leave a man behind, even if they're dead. (Though temporary tactical retreats are acceptable.)
Don't turn on your associates/minions/employees/party members. If they turn on you, consider any partnership or employment contract null and void and take the appropriate action.
Keep your word, unless the other party breaks their half of the agreement. Promises made under coercion are not actually promises and can be disregarded.
Don't attack non-combatants if at all possible. If it is not possible, disable only.

Basic Adventuring Stuff
Leather Armor
Masterwork rapier
Thief's Lantern - This is a shuttered lantern that never runs out of oil, can only be extinguished by the person who lit it. It also does not get hot, and as such, can be worn on a belt. This is where 'Ten typically carries it.
Amulet - This is part of a previous haul. It glows. He has no idea what it does.

Scras, rolled up your Erhnam Djinn stats.

13 HP, 5 rounds duration. +2/+4 for str bonus to hit/damage. For 21 Con, we'll say you regenerate 1 HP every 2 rounds of combat. Good luck! First battle in SWK/RtC/SDoJE history!!

And, welcome Ria!!!!!!!!! ('Ten's AC would be 6 btw)

It is entirely worth noting that while in the "telepathic" areas of the Silent Woman Keep, if you can "hear" Saano, you can hear Sana talking to him as well. :D



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