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Name: Zuan Coursi


Zuan has the dusky skin tone of his people, characteristic of those who live under the unforgiving sun in the dry highlands. He is tall and slightly overweight. His dark hooded eyes look out over a tall aquiline nose, his long and serene faced framed by a henna-dyed forked beard. He wears a thick kaftan of bright colors, accented by a turban of the same. A jeweled dagger is prominent at his cloth belt, with a sizable coin purse on either side. At his side, secured with a thin gold chain, is a small coffer, gilded and engraved with intricate designs.

Zuan Coursi is the son of a carpet weaver from (insert Grenada-type city here). A devout man adherent to the dominant religion of the region, Tagel Coursi trained his son in the art of weaving that his son might one day succeed him. Zuan, however, showed little interest in the art, even if he did have the necessary skill. When Zuan came of age in his teens, Tagel relented and employed him as a seller of his craft, hoping seeing the heathen ways of the world might draw him back to the simplicity of weaving. On the contrary, Zuan loved both traveling and selling, becoming close friends with a number of itinerant merchants. Himself not particularly faithful to his father's god, he fell into the Way of the Divine Wealth. When he did return home, his father expressed deep disappointment and shame; Zuan took that as a signal that he had chosen the right path, and entered the apprenticeship as a trade priest.


Str: 11
Con: 13
Dex: 12
Int: 15
Wis: 15
Cha: 16
Per: 15

HP: 7

Item               Cost(gp)   Weight
Padded kaftan          4         10
Bolt case              1          1
Dagger, jeweled        4          1
Crossbow, hand       300          3
Hand quarrels, 15     15          1.5
Silk sash              6   
Camels (2)           100   
Holy coffer           25   
Magnifying glass     100   
Lantern, hooded        7          2
Writing ink, vial      8   
Papyrus, 10 sheets     8   
Flint & steel          0.5   
Wineskin               0.8        1
Howdah, covered        7         50
Saddle bags, small     3          5
Saddle, pack           5         15
Saddle bags, large     4          8
Merchant's scale       2          1
Rope, hemp             1         20
Exotic spices        150         10
Rare spices           40         20
Fine carpets         200        200
Barrels, small (4)     8          8
Chests, small (2)      2         20
Chest, large           2         25
Remaining currency   296.7   
TOTAL               1300      401.5

Proficiencies: Dagger, crossbows, light armor

Azrec, servant

Camels: Hezzab and Maurban

Class: Trade Priest
The followers of a somewhat peculiar religion, trade priests seem at first glance to be nothing more than merchants, usually specializing in some particular trade or another. However, their motive goes beyond profit into the divine. Their religion - "the Way of Divine Wealth" - teaches that profitable trade in life is rewarded in the afterlife. They thus pursue their business opportunities faithfully and zealously, eager to earn for their god.

To cast spells, a trade priest needs a holy coffer, a blessed money receptacle exclusive to his order. Money inserted into the holy coffer goes directly to the order's treasury, and curries favor with the Divine Broker. In addition to level and spell-slot requirements, the trade priest's spells have a monetary price that must be paid into the holy coffer on casting.

Granted Powers

Silver-tongued: Trade priests gain a +1 bonus to Charisma checks whenever exchange of goods is involved. This bonus increases by +1 on every 3rd level.

Skillful Assessment: Trade priests gain a +1 to Appraise checks. This bonus increases by +1 on every 3rd level.

Lingua Franca: Trade priests gain one extra bonus language at level 1.

Divine Favor: The Divine Broker can be invoked by a trade priest for some favor. The type and quality of favor depends on the trade priest's level and votive offering.
Low-level favors: Favorable coin flips, marginally better price on trade goods, finding spare coinage necessary to purchase some basic good
Mid-level favors: Horses winning against strong odds, trade winds blowing unseasonably favorably, sealing a deal with potential customers
High-level favors: Trade agreements with royalty secured, winning against impossible odds, overnight market turnarounds

Increase Value: At level 5, the trade priest can increase an items value by changing its material composition. At level 5, the trade priest must pay half the cost of the resulting value. At level 10, 25% of the cost; at level 15, transmutation is free.

Liquidate Assets: At level 7, the trade priest can transmute an owned item into currency. The currency corresponds to the cash value of the item.

Excellent! Great visual!!

--- Quote ---Zuan Coursi has just helped a senior trade-priest and friend, close a profitable deal with some visitors from a distant merchant's consortium, who came to Abodroc to gauge the values of their goods (camels in this case), and set up enterprise. The foreign merchants were prickly and guarded, but Zuan saved the day with his sales skills, and by personally purchasing a cantankerous animal named "Hezzab" as a symbolic gesture. The two friends and trade-priests are currently celebrating the deal over an amber wine on the balcony of the senior trade-priest's villa.
--- End quote ---

Name: Saano Dealonar
Class: Midnight Guardian
Level: 2

HP: 13
Str: 8
Dex: 17
Con: 18
Int: 13
Wis: 10
Cha: 6
Per: 10

Physical Description
In a very rare twist of the genetic lottery, Saano has extremely odd-colored hair and eyes. The eyes are a mixture of brown and red, which is extremely off-putting and unnatural once noticed (those who get a good look assume he's demon-touched, adding a distinct stigma to someone already socially-inept). In a similar vein, his natural hair is colored purple, but as a rather smart habit, he keeps his hair dyed a much more natural black.

His ancestry is definitely not of the desert people, for his skin is too light, but years under the raging sun has tanned him to something approximating normal for the more arid areas of the country. His height is rather average, which gives him some relief, since his life would be even worse if there was yet another characteristic that set him apart from others.

His attire is chosen to minimize how much he stands out, a factor he considers important both as a Guardian and thanks to his odd appearance traits. Thin, light colored pants and tunic help deflect the harsh heat of the day, and a rather plain cloak over both assists in this endeavor.

Social troubles aside, he can always be found with a smile on his face, and though their coloring is odd, his eyes are always bright and cheerful. Here is a man who is content with the path he has chosen to walk, and who intends to enjoy walking it wherever it takes him.

Life is full of turning points. A war can pass by with nary a twinge, but a single death can change the course of an entire lifetime.

The son of a craftsman of little repute, Saano was destined to do little more than follow in his fathers footsteps, and such a future suited him just fine. The simple joy he took in woodwork made his path in life clear; he would craft, and his twin sister would keep the books, as she did for their widowed father.

But sometimes the path we see before us is changed and broken by the upheavals of life, and in a night of bloody carnage, Saano's father and sister were killed. The future was no longer certain, no longer simple and clear. After a minor stint of soul-searching, Saano joined The Midnight Guardians, so that no-one else has to lose their loved ones and the futures they so desperately long for.

Fighting Style
Ranged combat if at all possible. Uses a compound bow as his primary weapon, with tattoo spellforms as backup for when heavier firepower is needed. When things get up close and personal, melee fighting is done with a pair of eskrima-style fighting sticks.

Offensive Spellform: Firespray
Shoots a small group of flaming spheres at the target, which explode in a fiery shockwave. Damage is 1d4 for every 2 levels, 5' radius per level.

Defensive Spellform: Defendarius
A maintained spellform, Defendarius creates a protective barrier that will absorb incoming damage each round, at the cost of 1 HP for each round it is kept active. The spellform can be maintained for as many rounds as it was prepared for; preparation is as other spellforms, with a 1HP cost per round of preparation. Damage absorbed is 1d4 for every 2 levels.

Offensive Spellform: Tangling Grasp
Inky, writhing shadows wrap around the target's limbs, slowing movement and making them easier to hit. +2 AC for 2 rounds.

Permanent Tattoos
Hunter's Stamina -- 1 extra spellform per day at no cost

60gp, essential equipment


--- Quote ---Sanno Dealonar arrived at Abodroc by ship followed by a caravan ride through the parched tablelands east of Abodroc. He has been contracted by someone he has not yet met, via the channels of the Midnight Guard network. Currently he is in the garden-atrium of Joachim Ebello's manse, awaiting audience with the trade-priest, who has"hired" him.
--- End quote ---

Is this the OOC thread? I'm counting this as the OOC thread.

Per my in-game post, can we run down the currency system one more time? I recall silvers being the cylindrical tails; gold, the double-spherical rindod; and platinum, tiny elaborate birds. Did we have a copper? And are the denominations the same as classic rules (i.e., 1gp=10sp=100cp), or are we going to need separate tables for exchange rates and that sort?

Might I suggest copper cubes? I've always thought it practical to have a currency you could measure by volume easily. And double as a d6!


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